My Day

It was a big day yesterday.

I kicked off by testifying at the Senate Rules Committee over proposed rules changes for credentialing reporters.  I wrote about this yesterday.  David Brauer and I each spoke briefly to the committee – led by Majority Leader Amy Koch and President Fischbach, with Tom Bakk leading the minority side.

We each answered a few questions, and then the committee went on to discuss all of the amendments proposed to the Senate rules – everything from dress codes to rules for disciplinary hearings.

One funny (in a very wonky sense) moment; there was one passage in the proposed media credentialing rules that both Brauer and I had questioned, which would have required people applying for “session passes” – credentials good for the entire session – to apply 30 days before the session started, in order to get published in the Senate’s media directory.   Brauer and I both pried into it – but the provision stayed.  I had mentioned that perhaps a web-based directory might make more sense than the traditional paper one – but that one fell under the “if it ain’t broke…” clause, so I didn’t make a big deal.

Conservative Senator Warren Limmer, however, moved to strike the deadline from the rules; after some discussion with the Sergeant at Arms, the deadline was removed by a nearly-unanimous vote.  Brauer whispered “that may be the only time in history you’ll see Limmer carrying the water for David Brauer!”

After that, it was over to the House, for an appearance on Marty Owings’ “Capitol Conversations” with Marty Owings.  I was on a panel with Sarah Janecek, as well as former DFL State reps Karla Bigham and Paul Gardner.  That was a fun time.

Then it was off to the House District 66B convention, where I was elected deputy district chair.

It was a long day, but a fun one…

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