Run, And You May Live – For A While

They say “keep your enemies close, and your friends closer”.

“They” are right.

King Banaian has gone too far, proving that power, indeed, corrupts:

In the words of the great Parcells, if I am making the dinner, I get to buy the groceries.

Make no mistake about it:

  1. King is not “Making dinner”; the mayor is chosen to serve as the bus boy, or maybe the kitchen’s saucier. The NARN are the chefs; the MOB are the clientele. The Groceries are bought by consent of the fed.
  2. Parcells was a punk.

In a moment of crisis, someone had to step up and make a decision. Since NARNians were already in turmoil over this, decisive action was needed.

Wasn’t that Hitler’s justification for dissolving the Reichstag?

So the ingratitude of this remark from Mitch will not go unnoticed:

I call upon King Banaian to relinquish control over the MOB’s policy-setting apparatus and, above all, the “Blue” and “Red” lists of blogs’ standings in the MOB.

King “King” Banaian fancies himself a judge:

The Mayor’s office rules that Shot in the Dark must bear this logo in order to fly the MOBroll. There will be a meeting at the Patriot studios about this shortly.

I gotcher logo right here:

This one here is much more appropriate

You can take my MOB, but you can’t take my freedom.

Let the war begin.

11 thoughts on “Run, And You May Live – For A While

  1. Very undignified for you to be airing your dirty laundry in public. Don’t you guys usually sort this kind of thing out in Munich beer halls?

  2. Why don’t you MOBsters get a lawyer…look at the MOBrules…and demand a recall election? Ain’t that a bit easier…and a bit less bloody?

  3. Well, it is good to see you’re an equal opportunity pointilistic complainer – but as AC said, dirty laundry in public = bad.

  4. I’d think a simply knee-capping would do. Perhaps AC can seek out some assistance from his buddies in NYC…why get your own hands dirty? Heck, you know where King will be every Saturday…he’s an easy target.

  5. But…King shoots bolts of lightning from his keyboard!

    “I know you can fight. But it’s our wits that make us men…”

    … and it’s the Wits that make the MOB! A very amusing exercise in satire; hat’s off to the NARNians!

  6. you guys should be documenting this epic struggle among the NARNians- it would make a good book – you could call it the Chronicles Of NARNia….

  7. Well, they COULD write a book, but I think novella is more like it:

    Banian (Bugs Bunny) – I’m doing it my way
    Berg (The little martian fella)- mmmmBut.. but.. the constitution Mr. Banian.. hmmmm..
    Banian – Screw that – this is my choice
    Berg – if you won’t listen to reason, I’ll get upset.. (waddles off to get the Illudium Space Modulator)
    Banian – I’m God and I need you to move to Storage B
    Berg – but you took my stapler (looks for a lighter)

  8. As we are firm belivers in the rule of law and King was fairly elected, we fully support the Mayor of the MOB. We will crush any and all attempts to over thrown our Democraticaly lected leader.

    Berg should accept his MOB badge with honor as we have.

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