Miten Se Hopey-Changey Juttu Menossa Sinulle?

A sign of the times – Finnish-Americans voted heavily Republican for the first time:

Around 100 years ago Finnish immigrants flocked to the mines and woods of the country around Lake Superior, where the topography and weather must have seemed familiar. They’ve been a mostly Democratic, sometimes even radical voting bloc ever since. No more, it seems. Going into the election, the three most Finnish districts, Michigan 1, Wisconsin 7 and Minnesota 8, all fronting on Lake Superior, were represented by two Democratic committee chairmen and the chairman of an Energy and Commerce subcommittee, with a total of 95 years of seniority.

Wisconsin’s David Obey and Michigan’s Bart Stupak both chose to retire, and were replaced by Republicans who had started running before their announcements. Minnesota’s James Oberstar was upset by retired Northwest pilot and stay-at-home dad Chip Cravaack.

So here’s a new rule for the political scientists: As go the Finns, so goes America.

Obama must feel like he’s in a sauna right about now…

13 thoughts on “Miten Se Hopey-Changey Juttu Menossa Sinulle?

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  2. Ever read a Finnish American newspaper Mitch? They are full of articles about socialism/communism or about the great honor Teppo received by being invited to play violin for Kim Il Jung.

    My fathers grandparents were from Finland around 1900, were socialists, and settled in the 8th CD. Nearly all of their offspring were/are hard core Dems.

    I think the ever expanding 8th was due to change someday. The Range has been shedding jobs and people faster than the French surrender for quite some time. The Metro exurban vote was probably what carried Cravaack

  3. Nah, I know. Finns are lefties. It’s like you take all the lefty instincts in Swedish and Norwegian life, and run it through a still, and you get a Finn. (The distillation process also removes most pigmentation). They’re the same in North Dakota, although they’re much less concentrated.

  4. The Finns are just more likely to challenge you to fight about their socialism than the Norskes and Swedes.

  5. I think the Finlanders have become Americanized. I knew a few Finns from my time in the Lake Superior region and they did not know one Finnish word, or anything about the old country.

  6. if you’re going to argue politics with a Finn keep your eye on the Puukko. They are passionate advocates.

  7. Oh, I was being ironic, Kermit.
    And I am about as Hawaiian as you are. Legal resident of the State of Hawaii, officially, a “haole” to the locals. “Hawaiian” is an ethnic designation, like “Native American” or “Hispanic”.

  8. Hey Angry Clown — do you think it will be Hillary or Schumer who grabs the brass ring in 2012?

  9. I’m a ranger, and as much as I loved the CD 8 upset, I would never make such a leap. Obviously the economy is that miserable for such an upset to happen.
    The mentality of the finlanders on da range is… “My grandpa was a democrat… my uncle… my grandmother… my dad was a democrat, and I am a democrat!!!”

    Look for the DFL to put a Yellow Lab on the ticket next election… …or Tommy Rukavina.

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