5 thoughts on “Arrogant, Thin-Skinned, Out Of Touch

  1. Oberstar has clearly lost it. Not that he ever had it, but it sounds like he still has some supporters that don’t see it. Loved the comment during one of his condescending rants about Chip Cravaack’s residency being seven years, when he’s lived there all his life – well, except for the last 25 years. Chip should have hit him with that, but then, he took the high road.

  2. I got my questions answered. On what Oberstar has for a local address, since he lives full time in Maryland, and has for several decades.

    He pays rent on his deceased mother’s apartment in Chisholm and calls that his 8th district residence.

  3. Ol’ Oby probably didn’t expect the crowd he got in the conservative bastion of Duluth. (snark)

    There’s a huge storm coming, and Oberstar can’t hear the thunder. I’m very anxious to see how he is received tonight at the dabate in Grand Rapids.

  4. A FB Friend of mine (my college classmate from UMD with the last name of Solon), posted as her status on FB the other morning before the debate: “I’d hate to be in Chip Cravaak’s (sp) shoes this morning. GO JIM OBERSTAR!!!!!”

    I was not feeling catty enough to reply something along the lines of “I’d hate to be in Jim Oberstar’s shoes this afternoon after the debate.”

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