Dear State Of New York

Dear New York State: your rent is too damn high.

He can be your Jesse Ventura.

He’d actually do less damage than Andrew Cuomo…

17 thoughts on “Dear State Of New York

  1. If he wasn’t a socialist buffoon…

    …who’d draw votes away from Andrew “Father of the Housing Crisis” Cuomo, I’d never “endorse” him…

  2. Dear State of Denial, aka Mitch:

    Cuomo will do less harm to New York than porn-emailing, gay-bashing while making money from being landlord to gay bars (2 so far that have come to light – one managed by his son), family values – daughter -with – his- mistress Tea Party supported Paladino.

    ‘Your’ Tea Party has endorsed the more colorful – and the more objectionable – candidate. Paladino still upstages this guy for crazy, along with some of the other Tea Party candidates – Angle and O’Donnell come to mind as examples.

    But heck, at LEAST Paladino isn’t afraid to meet with the press unlike some of your other Tea Party candidates that are practically hiding from any hardball questions or debates.

  3. Mitch, you are kind of a techno guy. Can you add a translator so some of us can understand what Dog is saying?

  4. I looked. Then I looked again. I may look a third time, but I’m almost certain that Mitch’s post had nothing to do with Paladino. Unless Paladino changed his name to Jimmy McMillan and grew some really lush facial hair.

  5. candidates that are practically hiding from any hardball questions or debates

    Koff koff Keith Ellison koff Betty McCollum koff koff koff Amy Klobuchar HAAAACK HAAAACK Al Franken koff koff KOFF KOFF Mike Hatch.

  6. Wow, Doggy!

    I’ll bet that you think that Chris Coons interpretation of the Constitution was correct, too! Of course, you lefties are getting your asses kicked, so their propaganda machine has to smear and lie. And that’s OK in your pea brain, huh?

    You are no better than a gutter snipe yourself. I would love to see if you could withstand the scrutiny that your media heroes put conservative candidates through?

    Why don’t you move to Californication with the rest of the fruits and nuts?! You sicken me!

  7. bosshoss, as a matter of fact, I do think that Chris Coon’s interpretation of the Constitution was correct — except that it isn’t JUST his interpretation, it is the interpretation of decades of SCOTUS decisions, and decades of mainstream Constitutional scholars. It is a view ably supported by the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    If YOU need to brush up, you might want to check out this site:

    I’m not going anywhere to accomodate you bossy. As someone stated here not long ago, if you can’t take the heat, leave. But don’t expect anyone else to leave just to make you happy.

    Or are you simply trying to shut up people who disagree with you?

  8. Mitch wrote, “He can be your Jesse Ventura.

    He’d actually do less damage than Andrew Cuomo…”

    So, while Mitch opened with an apparent piece on the funny man from the NY debate…….this is really about an entrez to bashing Cuomo. I think that makes a reciprocal observation about Paladino appropriate, not hijacking the thread.

  9. Strike, three, Doggy!

    First, as stupid as liberals are on the Constitution, Chris Coons and now you, prove that you are equally stupid. I know that many of you public school educated lefties never learned the Constitution in your government classes, but Christine O’Donnell’s challenge to Harry Reid’s pet, was that the language in the First Amendment DOES NOT SAY that there shall be a separation of church and state. Coons insisted that it did. The media, being just as stupid, jumped right on it to smear O’Donnell. After all, they had to do something when their guy was getting a beat down. But you know what, you are even more ignorant for pursuing it.

    Re: moving; just a suggestion.

    And, no, I don’t run from a fight and I don’t care if someone disagrees with me, when they are correct! But when their arguments are based on lies, smoke and mirrors, yea, then they can pound sand. I also don’t like the fact that you and your liberat gang, are supporting the trampling of our Constitution and attempting to turn this country into a commie gulag. Your party is spitting on the people that have fought and died (this includes family members of mine) for this country, that took their oath to defend the Constitution seriously. Unlike the corrupt cabal of Obumbler and his ilk that think it is just something that they had to say but didn’t have to do, they had honor.

    If you think that I’m wrong, get out of your little hovel once in awhile and go talk to some immigants from the Soviet Bloc countries. It should scare the crap out of you when they tell you that they see the same thing happening here that communism brought there. They sure are!

  10. RE: Coons and 1A: What ISN”T being broadcast is the fact that Coons also demonstrated his VAST grasp of the first amendment with this simple exchange.

    O’Donnell: “Please name the 5 protections in the first amendment”

    Coons: “Separation of church and state….uhhh….how about we let the moderator ask the questions?”

    And for all the caterwauling about “ODONNELL IS TEH STOOPID AND DOESNT KNOW TEH FIRST AMENDMENT!!!!” TECHNICALLY, she was correct. The phrase “separation of church and state” DOES NOT EXIST in the first amendment. The concept was given in a speech by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association on 1/1/1802

  11. Bill;

    I watched that whole clip and Coons looked like a rat caught in the corner. Despite the fact that Wolfy made sure that the crowd was “Coons” friendly, O’Donnell gutted, filleted and shrink wrapped that ignorant moronic yammering twit.

    The best parts were a. where she nailed him on his “China-Australia uniting against the U.S.” lunacy and the priceless one, b. she crucified him on the fact that his stance on cap and trade would ensure a huge financial benefit to W. L. Gore, a company owned by his father-in-law. They make fuel cells and other products that the government would force people to buy from firms like them.

    When Wolfy thought he was going for her jugular by asking for proof, she jammed it right down his throat! This finally got the weasel to admit that it would financially benefit his family. Hmmm. Another “Gore” that will clean up on the global warming myth.

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