Someday Sometimes Comes

It’s been a couple of years since elements of the regional left finally copped to the fact that key lefty propaganda institutions like the Center for “Independent” Media and the Minnesota “Independent” are funded by, among others, misery-profiteer George Soros.

It’s  catching; lefty Jewish lobby “J Street” is on the Soros gravy train as well:

J Street has acknowledged substantial donations from billionaire George Soros, reversing years of claims by the group that it had nothing to do with the liberal financier, and apologized for making misleading statements about his role.

Jeremy Ben-Ami, the director of the dovish pro-Israel lobby, confirmed to JTA a report that first appeared in The Washington Times that it had received $245,000 from Soros and his children in 2008, and added that it had received another $500,000 in subsequent years — altogether, about 7 percent of the $11 million that J Street says it has taken in since its 2008 founding.

Framing the debate:  priceless.

3 thoughts on “Someday Sometimes Comes

  1. This is somewhat puzzling that a Jewish group would accept funding from Soros, because, if I remember correctly, he was a Nazi Collaborator during WWII, was he not?

  2. Of Soros is backing a pro-Palestinian “Jewish” lobby! It goes along with the AFLCIO starting an organization of non-working Americans called — I kid you not — “Working America”:
    The AFLCIO’s rationality issues go beyond naming. Shipping jobs to cheap labor overseas infuriates the AFLCIO, but importing cheap labor to the US? It’s their highest priority!

  3. It’s a good thing Soros doesn’t pay his sock puppets per view…poor moonbat Flush would never have gotten his bathroom re-decorated.

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