MPR Poll: This Has Got To Scare The DFL

I thought this part of MPR‘s piece on the MPR/Humphrey Institute poll was interesting:

While Democrats in Minnesota often rely on the lopsided support of women to win elections, a significant gender gap has not materialized in the 2010 gubernatorial race. Women favor Dayon and men favor Emmer by similar margins as in the education gap.

The education gap shows a slim lead for Emmer among college-educated likely voters, and a similar margin for Dayton among people with less than a college education.

Women not breaking overwhelmingly for the DFLer?  Watch for major efforts to stanch that particular wound; if the DFL loses women in the long term, they’re toast.

It’ll be interesting to see what form the DFL’s effort to solidify women takes…

4 thoughts on “MPR Poll: This Has Got To Scare The DFL

  1. Could it be that women are not exactly eager to vote for a trust fund baby who has accomplished very little worthwhile in his life?

  2. A lot of women in Minnesota write out the household checks each month and understand that money is tight. Dayton is talking about raising taxes. Plenty of women rightly surmise that they won’t be immune.

  3. “if the DFL loses women in the long term, they’re toast.”

    It seems to me that’s starting to happen, local & national. Look at the strong women candidates the Repubs are bringing to the table nationally.

    Plenty of women are going beyond the Strib and MSM tripe and getting their facts about the issues and candidates from other venues.

  4. The winning GOP line on deficits: “It’s taking money from our children to spend on ourselves. Defeat the DFL — IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!

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