Chanting Points Memo: Ancient History

Sign number 30 that the DFL is so scared of Tom Emmer that they don’t even bother washing their underwear anymore; they’re bringing up “the DUI issue again”.

It popped up last spring during the endorsing convention – and, rumor has it, one of the big PACs is going to run a big ad buy on the “subject”.

I saw the ad just now. I’m not going to link to it – Alida Messinger can pay me a couple thousand dollars.  If you want to see it, it’s out there.

But it’s an incredibly gutless, misleading ad.

It’s Ancient History: Emmer had two DUIs – 19 and 29 years ago.    He paid his debt to society about the time Bill Clinton was being elected to office.

Facts are Pesky Things: The laws he proposed – in the 2006 session, decades after his episodes – would have treated drunk drivers as innocent until proven guilty and allowed them some rights back after ten years of good behavior!  That is all!

The ad itself – a woman talking about her son, killed by a drunk driver who, I’m told, wasn’t Tom Emmer – is the most shameless bit of fact-free, context-raping emotional manipulation I’ve seen on the TV yet.

Apparently all of Alida Messinger’s money can’t buy a sense of shame.

5 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: Ancient History

  1. I saw it, too!

    Our local lib media gave a preview of it last night with the laughable disclaimer that it was sponsored by a “union funded” group. I thought that Channel 5 would at least have the guts to out the rest of the money behind it.

    Along with the Red Star, everyone is jumping on Target and Best Buy for supporting Tom Emmer, again without pointing out that A4ABM is almost entirely funded by the trust fund Daytons and other assorted liberat miscreants.

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  3. If they want to play this card and they end up running Congenital Idiot Mark Dayton they’d better be ready for the ads pointing out he’s a bipolar alcoholic.

  4. “ads pointing out he’s a bipolar alcoholic”

    It’s a wonderment that Big MAK and (who am I; why and I here) Entenza didn’t do just that.

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