May 16, 2006

The State of Twin Cities Talk Radio, 2006

It's been two years since I did the last "State of Twin Cities Talk Radio" (a "tradition" I started in 2003). I was busy last year, certainly - and the fact was, not much had changed between 2004 and early 2005.

Late last year, of course, that changed; Clear Channel and KSTP caught the common delusion that conservative talk was dead, contemporaneous with Clear Channel calling in its markers and bringing Limbaugh over to a brand-"new" talk station, KTLK-FM, the Cities' second FM talk operation, and the first to have any chance of breaking out of the "background noise" in terms of ratings.

This year, I examine - or in some cases, rudely dismiss - the following stations:

  • KSTP-AM - KSTP, on losing Limbaugh, drank the koolaid and ran with the consultants line that conservative and political talk was dead. They hired Willie Clark, shuffled Tom Mischke, downplayed politics - and today, are getting a little over half the numbers they were a few years back. Note to program director and former colleague Steve Konrad: Have your people call my people.
  • KTNF - It was a rough year for Janet Robert's station. First Nick Coleman and then Wild Wendy departed. Air America executives distanced themselves from Janet Robert's operation. A tiny audience, pathetic sales, and bad ratings culminating in a winter-book ratings collapse capped off the year's events at the little station that, in the end, didnt' so much "Make Big Brother Cry For Mama" as "Made Republicans Giggle Derisively". There's the skid marks, there's the wreckage - nothing more to see here, folks. Move along.
  • WWTC - The station - which broadcasts the Northern Alliance Radio Network, to dislose fully - had a very stable year, and a fairly good one. Sources in the industry tell us that among the key talk radio demographic (males 25-49), "The Patriot" is giving its much larger competitors much more of a headache than they'd banked on, sort of belying the notion that conservative talk was dead.
  • WCCO - The sun rises in the east, and WCCO remains the same.
  • KNOW - The Jabba the Hut of Twin Cities media. They opened the new expansion to their broadcast and HQ facility in downtown Saint Paul this past year; by 2025, they will need their own freeway exit or light rail line. Otherwise, nothing's really changed.
  • KTLK - Maybe Clear Channel Communications - the media conglomerate that owns KTLK and KFAN - knows something we don't. Maybe, given their immense clout, they are planning on engineering a coup at the FCC and reinstating the Fairness Doctrine - the pre-1987 dictum that required all talk radio to be "balanced". Maybe they know that their investment in this middle-of-the-road, milquetoast lineup (except, of course, Limbaugh) will pay off when the rest of the market is forced to ditch successful, partisan hosts. That would make sense; KTLK-FM is a loss leader! Otherwise, though, the station -which subscribes wholeheartedly to last year's radio management "conservative radio is dead" fad - wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. That must be it.
  • KFAN - Try as I might - and I have - I can not drum up the faintest scintilla of interest in sports radio. Seriously. I get more pleasure from watching paint peel. But nobody said Clear Channel was stupid. The Fan is a solid performer in its niche.
    FM107 - "Chick Talk 107", KSTP's, ahem, sister station actually passed KTNF, the Air America affiliate. The station has built a bit of an audience in the past two years, climbing out of the one-point cellar (to a 1.3 in the last book). I'm not sure if it's because the format is taking off (after three or four extremely lean years) or because KSTP's ongoing hemorrhage is bound to splatter a few listeners on its corporate neighbor.
On to the show by show reviews.

Morning Drive

  • KSTP-AM -Willie Clark - You know your show's a mess when even your promos - which, like movie trailers, are supposed to be your best material - are so dull. Clark is the kind of talk show you used to hear in places like Bismark; intended to offend nobody, they interest nobody, either. Does not mix with operating heavy equipment or taking high doses of antidepressants.
  • KTNF - Rachel Maddow - The only of of FrankenNet's hosts who actually has developed an almost worthwhile style on her own (I said "worthwhile"; shut up, Mike Malloy). Leave out the dimbulb fever swamp politics for a moment; Maddow would actually be less dull than most material on public radio.
  • WWTC - Bill Bennett - Bennett should be on mid-days. He sounds like the professor that you were occasional drinking buddies with back in college; personable, interesting, and Bennett's obviously a smart guy when he's out of the casino. But it just doesn't connect for me, personally, in the morning.
  • WCCO - Dave Lee - The heir to Boone and Erickson must have the least challenging job in all of radio; present the info. There's really no there there, but it's a pleasant enough vaccuum. Yes, it is still your grandfather's WCCO, at least in the morning.
  • KNOW - Morning Edition - Cathy Wurzer presents homogenized, pasteurized, sanitized N/MPR product. Miss a day? Don't sweat it; it'll be the same "Morning Edition" tomorrow.
  • KTLK - Van and Cheryl Thunder and Cheryl Kelly Guest and Andrew Colton - My confusion is understandable; they sound like a mid-market "morning zoo", sans music. I've been able to drag myself to listen to this show maybe three times. The fourth will be an accident.
  • KFAN - The Power Trip - Alleluiah - a sports show that sucks less than most other sports radio shows. I'll cop to it; I rarely follow sports, and it was an especial effort to listen to any of the Fan's shows. But it goes to show ya - after a decade of trying, at least something on the Fan is broadcast-quality.
  • FM107 - The Punnets - Ian Punnett has his fans. I've never really been one of them. In some ways he's the Twin Cities' Dennis Prager - without the gravitas. Part of the problem is that while his various morning shows have been perfectly fine (Ian and his wife Margery do a modestly pleasant show), I really, really couldn't stand him filling in for Art Bell; it's probably colored my perception of him.


  • KSTP-AM -Bob Davis - One of the better morning shows of this bunch. Nothing extremely special - it won't change your life - but Davis is a solid, journeyman host who knows how to do radio.
  • KTNF - Stephanie Miller - The best "talent" on Air America Minnesota...isn't from Air America. Miller is on the Jones Network, a stablemate of Fast Eddie Schultz. Like Schultz, Miller is competent, does decent radio - and her politics are straight out of James Carville.
  • WWTC - Laura Ingraham - Laura, as noted last time, has the finest production team in talk radio. They are truly a marvel to listen to - and their vamps with Laura at the beginning of most hours are truly great. Which helps make up for the fact that Ingraham is one of the worst interviewers, and perhaps the very worst call-handler, in major-league syndicated talk radio.
  • WCCO - Pat Miles and Susie Jones - When TV people do radio, you often get the sense that they're slumming; you know they're slumming; they know you know they're slumming. Furthermore, you can tell they're TV people - they don't have "radio" deliveries (we'll come back to this. Oh, yes we will); it's like they have to compensate for the lack of a camera crew to talk to. Someone who sounds perfectly natural talking on camera will sound broad and a little stilted on just a mike. Miles' show is innocuous and, like everything else on the WCCO lineup, seems planned for a return of the Fairness Doctrine. That, or a play that ssumes people miss the doctrine and are willing to tune in for it.
  • KNOW - Midmorning with Keri Miller - Unchanged since the last report; Miller was a refreshing change from the self-adoring Catherine Lanpher back then, and she still is. Yet another TV person, with all the drawbacks, although Miller's style fits the unctuousness of MPR better than it would in the 'mersh world.
  • KTLK - Pat Kessler - Remember what I said about TV people on radio? Kessler's got it. One of the market's better TV political reporters, Kessler seems to be having a hard time figuring out how to address his audience - and a harder one trying to figure out what his show is. Political insider-talk? Loosen your collar and get some yuks talk? WCCO-lite? It could be any of them but - something KTLK-FM's management ought to figure out - you can't do all three at the same time.
  • KFAN - PA and Dubay - I know the guys have fans out there. I really do. And I can understand why they like them. But I have incredibly little patience for sports radio, and it shows whenever I try to listen to PA and Dubay. I can't make myself tolerate more than a couple of minutes. Like someone taking a rat tail file to my eyes.
  • FM107 - Kevyn and Colleen - Kevyn Burger remains about the only listenable show on FM107.


  • KSTP-AM -Rosenbaum and O'Connell - Ron and Mark are pioneers. No, really; back when KSTP was considered "conservative", with the likes of Limbaugh and Lewis turning in respectable numbers, this pair painstakingly avoided taking partisan stances. They were a couple of years ahead of the trend that swept KSTP and KTLK.
  • KTNF - Al Franken - I honestly listen to Franken looking for some redeeming value. I even try to rememeber what it was like being a liberal, to try to sympathize with what he says. It doesn't work. Franken remains a one-note singer, a one-trick pony; kudos, I guess, for milking two years of seven-digit salaries by packaging The Nation and Daily Kos. Nice work if you can get it.
  • WWTC - Dennis Prager - Listening to Prager is hard work. So is learning a musical instrument or a foreign language, or planting a garden, or mastering a craft. It's just that some days, you just don't want to bite off that kind of intellectual heavy lifting. When you're in the mood - and Prager's flamboyantly-variant topic choices click with you - it's a fascinating three hours. The "Happiness Hour" in particular, every Friday, is among the finest hours of radio anywhere; almost too good for radio.
  • WCCO - Jack Rice - From Rice's bio page: "Jack is a former CIA Special Agent and Field Operations Officer as well as a former prosecuting attorney and trial lawyer. He is also a frequent contributor to NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, WCCO-TV and other media outlets around the country. As if that weren't enough, he writes frequently for newspapers and magazines". This would be cool - if Rice were allowed to have a point of view. Or maybe he has one - it's not apparent to me. He's "Expert Radio"; but expertise doesn't make radio consistently compelling; a coherent point of view does. WCCO's "all things to all people" philosophy doesn't cotton to that.
  • KNOW - Midday with Gary Eichten - What must it be like to be Gary Eichten? On the air all these years (no - a l l t h e s e y e a r s) without ever voicing an opinion of his own - I can't imagine.
  • KTLK - Rush Limbaugh - It's superfluous to talk about Limbaugh's impact; he is to talk radio what Elvis Presley was to popular music. The big question is, how long is Rush going to stick with it, and what kind of industry will he leave when he finally hangs up the headphones? The industry sort of ate its seed corn in the eighties and nineties, filling up its lineups with syndicated programs on Limbaugh's model and neglecting to train the next generation of hosts. Oh, he's still the master.
  • KFAN - Dan "The Common Man" Cole - I've tried. Oh, Lord, I've tried. But try as I may, I can't work up a reason to care about Cole's show. So I won't.
  • FM107 - The Satellite Sisters - When the true tale of this Clinton-era CIA program - which isolated a group of sisters in separate cities and altered their DNA via radiation to create the most segmented, cloying, and aggressively dull program on the air, people will be truly outraged. Too dull for public radio, which was the Sisters' first radio home.

Afternoon Drive

  • KSTP-AM -Joe Soucheray - Souch has been on autopilot since Americans were saying "Monica who?" Don't get me wrong - "autopilot" that delivers numbers is better (for one's station and bottom line) than creativity that goes unheard. But Soucheray bores me stiff.
  • KSTP-AM -Tom Mischke - Gotta give Mischke points; he took his "promotion" to late-afternoon/early evening and ran hard with it. It's not the same Broadcast we've all grown to love over the past ten years. Perhaps that's a good thing; maybe Mischke needs to have his own world shaken up a little bit. But making Mischke's stream-of-consciousness meander actually hit posts and play traffic reports and earn money is like using a Faberge egg to pound nails; perhaps it's doable, but you miss a lot.
  • KTNF - Fast Eddie Schultz - Unchanged since last time; still the only talent on KTNF that would make it without massive, partisan subsidy; still a fourth-rate Rush Limbaugh knockoff; still probably a liberal of convenience.
  • KTNF - Randi Rhodes - Even if Randi Rhodes were a conservative, I would revile her. She is everything that is wrong with talk radio from either perspective. Shallow, uninformed, cheaply manipulative, pointlessly inflammatory, and just plain stupid.
  • WWTC - Michael Medved - What can I say about Medved that I haven't already? A photographic memory for detail, a sharp, incisive interviewer, and an intellectual firebrand - who makes you feel almost too dumb to listen, sometimes.
  • WWTC - Hugh Hewitt - Hugh is almost an anachronism, a throwback, I sometimes think, to an era when talk radio was about issues and interviewing and news. I think Hewitt's relentless, infectious enthusiasm put at least a point on the board for the GOP in '04.
  • WCCO - Don Shelby - The curse of the TV personality on the air returns. Shelby has gotten better - like Kessler, he's an engaging personality. But at the end of the day, it's still the same topic-go-round that WCCO has been doing since buffalo roamed the plains.
  • KNOW - All Things Considered - Ditching the somnambulent David Molpus from the local leg of the show is the best thing they could have done (short of rehiring Lorna Benson).
  • KTLK - Sean Hannity - I have never been able to stand Hannity. Still can't.
  • KTLK - Lambert and Janecek - The show combines two ideas that never, Never, NEVER - well, very rarely - work; guy'n'gal shows, and political ping pong matches. Don't get me wrong; men and women do share airtime on shows up and down the dial. But one of them is the lead, and one (or more) of the others are supporting characters . And the political ping-pong shows tend to turn into so much self-cancelling noise. There's a reason that shows like Hannity and Colmes and Crossfire succeed(ed); because Hannity bitchslaps the greasy weasel Colmes like Suge Knight tackling Clay Aiken, and because Pat Buchanan used to make mulch out of Pat Haden. There was a dominant player. Once Crossfire switched to having hosts that were about equal in power (as well as obnoxiousness), it was all over; too boring to listen to. Lambert and Janecek tries to do both; serve as a co-equal guy'n'gal show, and a political food fight. It doesn't work because when a show is focused around slapping points back and forth, between Republicans and Liberals and between Men and Women, nothing really comes through. Neither Lambert nor Janecek are able to develop a personality that comes through. The pair is - and I never thought I'd say this about Brian Lambert - more than the sum of its parts. They'd be better as two shows; let either or both of them state a thought, develop it, and try to engage the listener. Because the ping pong match doesn't do it.
  • KFAN - Chad Hartman - I've heard Hartman maybe three times. Each time, it felt like I was in a lecture on emergency medicine; I had no idea sports was such serious friggin' business..
  • KFAN - Dan Barreiro - I started doing a review of Barreiro, and the biggest thing I noticed was...well, before I get to that, let me explain something about Dan Barreiro; he worked for many years as a sports columnist, before I get to that, have you ever wondered why they call them "columnists"? Like, columns? Roman columns? Hey, before I forget, what about those generals who were knocking on the President? That's some food for...say, speaking of food, there's this new Polish place in Northeast Minneapolis that makes the best ham sandwich...and speaking of ham, did you check out Ben Affleck? What's up with that...hey, while we're on the subject, what about that Katie Holmes? Do you think she was actually pregnant? She's a scientologist, which means, no drugs...which is never a problem for the drug gangs in South Minneapolis. What's up with that? Did you catch the Seinfeld re-run last night? I'm so glad I got cable...speaking of cable, time to take a break!
  • FM107 - Lorie and Julia - This remains the shrillest waste of time in Twin Cities radio. Oh, they're spunky women, so they'll get more their obligatory annual write-up in the Strib entertainment section - "we're different from all that other talk radio because we're...women, dammit! And we have sex! We're like Desperate Housewives, only we interview authors rather than bang the gardener! But boy, would we! If we had one!". Like listening to a couple of 19 year old admin assistants in the next cube talk about their grocery lists.


  • KSTP-AM -Dave Thompson - Somewhere in the great radio dictionary, under "Journeyman", there's a picture of Thompson. Dave has improved a lot over the years; when he's loose and relaxed, he's darn good. You might get the impression you've heard the show before; Thompson is not an original talent. But he does a solid job - which is why he's been KSTP's gap-plugger for what seems like 25 years.
  • KTNF - Janeane Garofalo - A lot like Franken. Except that she's an angry woman. Dreary, dull, unlistenable.
  • WWTC - Michael Savage - Here's the thing about Savage; listening to him is like reading about Michael Wittman in "Panzer Aces". Wittman was an SS non-com and then officer in World War II, and became the highest-scoring tank ace of all time. You read his story and are amazed by the skill the man brought to the deadly craft of maneuvering a Tiger tank against Russian, British and American tanks and armored vehicles, knocking out a whopping 200-odd enemy tanks in his career. You nod and go "wow - that's a skillful tank commander". Then you remember - "He's an SS officer" - you feel a little dirty admiring him for his craft. So too with Savage; as a radio guy, I listen to his technique - Savage is an artist, and his medium is pushing buttons - and sit, agog, at the sheer talk-radio technique of it all. Then I remember - he's talking total crap, and the odds are better than even he knows it and is laughing all the way to the bank.
  • WCCO - Mike Max - I gotta hand it to Max - he's the kind of story you used to look to WCCO for. Started in the sports department as an intern back when I was a flunky at KSTP; I knew him by name, although we've certainly never met. The show - when it appears (it gets pre-empted by a lot of evening sportscasts) is listenable, knowledgeable, not at all bad for sports radio. In fact, it's one of few places where WCCO's middle-of-the-roadiness is an advantage; the sports guy doesn't feel he has to be crustier, more cynical, more outrageous than other sports commentators to stand out. Gotta confess, if I'm stuck on a desert island with a radio, and also a mafioso holding a Desert Eagle in my face threatening to kill me if I don't listen to some kind of sports radio, I'd to with Max. Probably.
  • KNOW - The World - It is, indeed.
  • KTLK - Dan Conry - Hey, did joo know that Cawnry was from Noo Yawk? No kiddin'! An' if youse didn't, you'se gonna hearabouddit at least a couple a' times a night. Fuhgeddaboutit. On the upside, Conry understands radio better than anyone else on KTLK; he knows how to keep a show moving. He should be further up in the station's lineup.
  • KFAN - Who cares? - Sports, I suppose. Pffft.

    Night Shift

    • KSTP-AM -George Noory - A cut-rate Art Bell. Can't stand Bell. Noory is irredeemable.
    • KTNF - Mike Malloy - Like "Democratic Underground", but on the air. Malloy is the exposed bile duct of the fever swamp. Or maybe it's colon.
    • WWTC - Jerry Doyle - Did you know Doyle used to be an actor? No, seriously! And that he was on Babylon 5? Well, if you don't know, you can tune in on any given ten minute segment and hear it.
    • WCCO - Al Malmberg - I think Malmberg must be a spy who got left out in the cold - a Soviet sleeper (ironic foreshadowing intended) sent to the US in the sixties to host an innocuous radio show that would draw no attention, until the Red Horde decided to invade one midnight. Then, as the populace would tune in to the Good Neighbor for info, Malmberg would be there to put us all to sleep, allowing the Red Horde to conquer us with comic impunity.
    That's it for this year.

    Posted by Mitch at May 16, 2006 05:06 AM | TrackBack

I'm not afraid to say it: What Savage has to say is not "total" crap. There's a LOT of truth to it.

Posted by: Colleen at May 16, 2006 12:50 PM

“I'm not afraid to say it: What Savage has to say is not "total" crap.”

Agreed, we shouldn’t let the 90 percent that is crap ruin it for the part that isn’t.

Posted by: Thorley Winston at May 16, 2006 01:07 PM

To me, Savage's ranting most of the time is unlistenable. But his live commentary JIPping the first Bush-Kerry debate, when he shredded Jim Lehrer's leftist pandering, was all-time classic radio. "Jim Lehrer should be arrested. He should be arrested!" It brought up visions of Jerry Orbach cuffing Lehrer and dragging him off the stage.

Posted by: Paul at May 16, 2006 01:17 PM

Don't tell me your Canadian Mennonite station has Savage's show, Colleen!

Posted by: angryclown at May 16, 2006 01:32 PM

Speaking of Savage:
Sometimes I muse that Savage is a left wing plant. His hysteria is a turn off to any rational thinking person. Sometimes though, in his hysterical rants he happens to be right. This is not good. I do not want the spokeman for conservatism to be a ranting maniac.
He is pro-minimum wage, pro-taxing the wealthy, and very pro-protectionism, he is only conservative on 3 matters; the war and defense(sometimes), the border, and he is against the slutty, narcacistic behaviour of the mtv generation.
Just like hysteric leftists like Randi Rhodes may be a right wing plant, I could see the same being said about savage.

Posted by: eggheart melvin at May 16, 2006 01:42 PM

Savage is at his worst when he indulges in the Prager vice of on-air self-worship. But he can be damn funny. It's delightful these days hearing someone who openly acknowledges the sham of gentility and the 'we're here to help you' ocean-of-bs in which we swim. I'm not a conservative, and find his politics hideous, but yes, he can quite regularly make me chuckle.

Posted by: BQS at May 16, 2006 02:29 PM

And he lives in Frisco. You gotta wonder about that...

Posted by: Kermit at May 16, 2006 02:55 PM

"...Savage is an artist, and his medium is pushing buttons - and sit, agog, at the sheer talk-radio technique of it all. Then I remember - he's talking total crap, and the odds are better than even he knows it and is laughing all the way to the bank."

Substitute blog commentary for talk radio, remove the bank, substitute Savage for clown and I think you've summed up one of your frequent visitors.

Posted by: nerdbert at May 16, 2006 04:19 PM

Do others find Mischke even remotely entertaining? I tried, I really tried to listen several times thinking maybe the first and second times he was just having a bad day. Soucheray and Reusse are entertaining, though they sold a piece of their soul for the new Twins stadium.

KFAN is mildly entertaining for listening to a couple of people discuss sports.

I actually listen to Air America for yucks and giggles. The steaming piles dropped on the airwaves can be entertaining.

Bennett & Prager are favorites of mine on AM1280.

WCCO - you summed it up pretty well.

KNOW - Everytime they call and try to get me to rejoin, I tell them I already gave. They cannot find me on their membership rolls? Ah yes, my contribution is there under their line item: Incoming Government Pork. I do not feel guilty listening without pledging. Their periodic begging cracks me up, they say it helps keep them unbiased.

Chick talk? Isn't that what cell phones are for?

I think I will keep my car radio buttons programmed just the way they are, thank you very much.

Posted by: BJB at May 16, 2006 05:39 PM

I think Soucheray and Mischke are both very funny, but then I only hear them a few times a year when we're down near the Cities or driving late at night...

Angryclown: Don't you live in NY City or somewhere? Shouldn't your life be MUCH fuller than it must be if you can remember what radio station some woman in northern MN listens to? Sad.

Posted by: Colleen at May 16, 2006 06:21 PM

"Suge Knight tackling Clay Aiken"

Oooh, will they sell tickets??

Quick rundowns:
KSTP - What is with them and stupid scheduling and hiring practices? First Krok, then Willie. At least I can listen to Dave Thompson now at night...I just hope this time it's a long-term fix. Plus, they're now all local 5am-12a...and that's a smart move on their part.

KTLK - I listened a few times. Yay for Limbaugh and Hannity being live (not that I've heard it), but KTLK has decided to create 18 hours of filler to go around them.

KTNF - I think they're still trying to prove Bush allowed the planes to fly into the WTC to drive up Halliburton stock. Since that was the first comment I ever heard on Air America, I knew it'd be a fun yet short ride.

WWTC - Good for them for a consistent station, something WWTC hasn't had since its AAHS days. The station is worth it alone just for Hewitt. Still, a local weekday show wouldn't hurt - it would help them get some local presense rather than feeling like another satellite station of Salem's. Getting rid of Savage would be a nice move as well.

WCCO - Boy does Herb Carneal sound old.

MPR needs some competition in the worst way, and KFAI isn't big enough to do it. I'm still not worthy enough to listen to The Current, me and my conformist ways.

Posted by: Jerry Leigh at May 17, 2006 05:10 AM

"Do others find Mischke even remotely entertaining? I tried, I really tried to listen several times thinking maybe the first and second times he was just having a bad day."

I'm not always in the mood - but back in the day, the late-night "Broadcast" was about the funniest thing I'd ever heard.

Posted by: mitch at May 17, 2006 05:20 AM

You give yourself too little credit, Colleen. You are the only person of Angryclown's acquaintance who listens to a radio station where the ads are for barn-raisings and hates black people who aren't named "Condoleeza" or "Oprah." That's certainly memorable.

Posted by: angryclown at May 17, 2006 07:31 AM

Two people that should, no HAVE to be back on the radio, some where, some how, some time: James Lielks - his "Diner" show was almost as good as Mischke. And Bob Yates. Bob would be perfect back on KSTP AM in the morning.

Posted by: Buzzy at May 17, 2006 09:35 AM

An addition to this. They have to find some way to get Kenny "the soul man / traffic guy" Olson more air time. The little bit he is on With Souch and the Rookie and his bits with Mischke are just hilarious. Here is someone that deserves more time. KSTP should really make the 4 o'clock hour one big gab fest at least once a week with Joe and rook along with John Heidt and Kenny. Would be more fun than just the 15 minutes or so at 5.

Posted by: Buzzy at May 17, 2006 09:40 AM

Read up a bit on the world, angryclown. Mennonites are not Amish-you deal in stereotypes right and left and then chastise others for doing so (porch monkeys). I don't think you know your ass from a hole in the ground and yet scorn drips from you for anyone not urban and "sophisticated" like yourself-I'd love to see your attempt at survival outside your environment. Hilarious.

Posted by: Colleen at May 17, 2006 01:04 PM

“Savage is at his worst when he indulges in the Prager vice of on-air self-worship.”

Uh-huh, please share with us an example of Dennis Prager engaging in the vice of “on-air self-worship.”

Posted by: Thorley Winston at May 17, 2006 01:20 PM

Are you telling us that Mennonites can't raise a barn? The names you call African Americans are pretty hateful, Colleen, but now you're actually denying the community spirit and carpentry skills of the Mennonite people?


Posted by: angryclown at May 17, 2006 05:24 PM

The ratings for KTLK would be at least 1 point higher if they stopped with the d*mn stupid tagline:
"Theee!!!!!!!! .... ... .... ... fm-news-talk"

(Soooo precious). Every time it drags longer that half a second I hit the radio button so hard it hurts. Can't stand it.

Posted by: Big Dan at May 19, 2006 12:55 PM

FYI: Kris Krok landed the covented 10pm-2am shift at a talk station in Atlanta. WSB-AM.

Posted by: Dave at May 19, 2006 04:01 PM

A loyal KSTP listener .. not nuts about Willie Clark ... but Jay Kolls drives me crazy ... he can't stop laughing and repeating everything he says ... but he almost becomes 'aroused' when the subjects of drinking or sex come up .. anybody else sense this bozo?????

Posted by: MnNanc at May 25, 2006 09:24 AM

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Posted by: furniture at July 7, 2006 09:42 AM

Can anyone tell me the inside scoop on CCO's Rita Maloney suddently leaving??? She came halfway across the country from Pittsburg,just to resign after a few years, but still stay in Minnesota???
There must be some explanation for all this, or is CCO trying to "staff-down" with the loss of the Twins next month?


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