August 01, 2005

The Fever Swamp Doesn't Like Me!

After I challenged Barbara O'Brien's claims that the Bronx News was "not a real newspaper" in language virtually identical to that used in this piece earlier today, she banned me from her comments section.

So let's see; she's logically challenged, can't reason at any level deeper than facile name-calling, and now she's a gutless coward who can't take on a rational attack on her frankly childish reasoning. I have to wonder; with only two hands, does she leave her mouth uncovered, her eyes, or her ears?

Enh. It's her blog. It's just not worth going to for any rational take on this (or, from what I've seen, any) issue.

She's a regular on the Daily Kos, by the way. Just so you know.

For the record, I've banned exactly two people from this blog, ever;

  • A troll who came in via this thread, leaving nothing but obscene name-calling and threats
  • Another, recently, who repeatedly hijacked threads, carried on personal conversations in my comments, never answered questions, and dealt primarily in cheesy name-calling.
And that's it, and hopefully where it'll stay.

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