May 18, 2005

Our Evening With The Governor

I should mention that the NARN guys - John and Scott from Powerline, King from SCSU Scholars, Cap'n Ed, Warrior Monk from Spitbull, the Fraters' Saint, Elder, JB and Atomizer, as well as Bogus Doug, John from First Ring, Gary from KvM, and a few other bloggers I'm no doubt forgetting, plus a couple of outstate talk radio people - were invited to a reception with Governor Pawlenty at the Governor's Mansion last night.

We got the guided tour from the Governor, and had a great time talking with him, as well as his loqacious Chief of Staff Dan McElroy, his communications aide-de-camp Tom Webster, his press enforcer Brian McClung, and the rest of the staff.

John at KvM has an excellent recap with an interesting observation:

McElroy was patient as the KvM team quizzed him about a certain presidential nomination contest already in it’s opening salvos. The CoS stayed on message by saying there were no such plans. He referenced Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s far ranging travels and said if Pawlenty was thinking about making a run he would already be on the road a good deal more. He insisted that his boss is single-minded in his efforts to reform education and increase the quality of life of Minnesotans. I observed to McElroy that sounded an awful lot like another Republican governor circa 1998.

McElroy smiled and politely excused himself to the next group of well-wishers.

The evening was a complete success - except for the part where Elder got really, really hammered (his tie was dangling in someone's drink for a while), broke the Ralphie doll, and asked the Governor to put it back together.

Fortunately, the Governor was up to the task.

Thanks to all involved!

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Ralphie is not a "doll", he is an "action figure". Geez.

Posted by: The Creator at May 18, 2005 08:55 AM

A midwestern governor who can appeal to the Christion Right, particularly in the South, without alienating suburban moderates, would pose an extremely difficult, if not insurmountable, electoral problem for Democrats. If Pawlenty wins by a large margin in '06, he'll have a chance for the '08 nomination if he wants it. If he had managed to help Bush carry Minnesota in '04, and they didn't miss by all that much, he would have been one of the favorites.

Posted by: Will Allen at May 18, 2005 10:40 AM

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