May 18, 2005

Brenarlo Predicts

Brenarlo, from "Taking Back North Dakota", predicts:

My prediction is that Sen. Conrad will side with the GOP, as will other "red-state" Democrats (i.e. Nelson, Nelson, Baucas) on cloture and Owens and Brown will be confirmed, with Sen. Conrad voting "nay." The Democrats (including Conrad) will decide to filibuster other nominees. Frist will then drop the bomb and the constitutional option will win with a vote of 51-50, with Sen. Conrad voting with his party.

Then, when Sen. Conrad is campaigning in 2006, he'll run ads saying that he was a "moderate" with Sen. McCain (everyone loves McCain - except conservatives). He'll then say that he was a "moderate" who helped President Bush get a couple nominees confirmed, but he and his new buddy McCain decided that neither extreme should prevail, even though the constitutional option isn't extreme.

Look for a lot of Blue senators in Red states to try the Daschle Option. The Daschle Option turns Margaret Martin's maxim on its ear; "Vote Liberal, Act Conservative (or at least "moderate")."

Brenarlo also has interesting observations about the Fargo Forum, which is sort of the Strib of the Dakotas. Worth a read, especially as we continue toward '06.

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