October 23, 2006

Zzzzz: Strib US House Endorsements

The Strib surprises nobody in its "endorsements", which should only further the "perception" that the Strib is an organ of the DFL.

They endorse Tim Walz in the First District...:

this year the Republican incumbent finds himself on the defensive over issues ranging from the war in Iraq (he calls himself "frustrated") to the DM&E Railroad proposal, and there's a good reason: The DFL has fielded a superior candidate in Tim Walz.

A 24-year veteran of the Army National Guard, Walz delivers a blistering but authoritative critique of the Bush administration's missteps in Iraq and treatment of military veterans. But he is not a one-dimensional candidate. A football coach and Teacher of the Year at Mankato West High School, he seems to have a finger on the pulse of the district's needs and frustrations. He has issued sophisticated position papers on balancing the federal budget and reforming immigration policy.

Ah. He's issued position papers. I'm convinced! He's a teacher Teacher of the Year and he writes position papers!

I snark, because not a few grafs later in endorsing Betty McCollum in the Fourth District (by the way, "McCollum of St. Paul has matured rapidly, emerging as a respected voice on education policy, AIDS prevention and international human rights; a trusted protégé of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi; and a steadfast opponent of President Bush's upper-end tax cuts and policy in Iraq...[her] growing national stature and ability to deliver for the Fourth District on issues such as transportation and the environment are more than enough to merit her reelection," is longhand for "Sock puppet and pork-producer for the teachers union and the deaniacs"), they mention her challenger, Obi Sium:

a native of Eritrea and a retired state engineer, is a thoroughly decent man with an inspiring affection for the values of his adopted country. But his grasp of public policy is tenuous and his public-service credentials are all but nonexistent.

So - he's worked in government - unlike Walz - and he has definite positions - like Walz; "grasp of public policy" is a term stealth Democrats like the Strib toss about to say "they're not like us".

In other words, "Walz is an amateur - but he's our amateur!".

The Strib endorses Colleen Rowley, saying:Republicans have tried to paint Rowley as some sort of loose-cannon liberal. We don't see itAnd how do we know she's not a "loose-cannon liberal?" Because...:

She would move toward universal health insurance though a cautious strategy of state experimentation, and she would wind down the war in Iraq by following the sensible outline of Rep. John Murtha, the Pennsylvania veteran who has endorsed her.
...she's one of those "not loose-cannon liberals" who follows the leads of loose cannon liberals!

Silly GOP peasants!

Oh, yeah - and while Obi Sium's years of government service are dismissed with the consideration of a dirty diaper, Rowley cops a pass:

While Rowley is short on political experience, she has proved herself a quick study and avid learner.
Ah. Well, as long as she's a "quick study". Sheesh.

Oh, they endorse Jim Ramstad. It's a safe bet for them; he's not that conservative, and he's going to win in a flaming blow-out over former ultra-liberal talk show host WyLd3 w3nDi - about whom it's be hard to deny "loose-cannon" status (no, check that; they do: W3nDi "has mounted a lively campaign that makes her impossible not to like...[she just]...hasn't quite proven that she better captures the district's values." Um, no. Not "quite"). He's the sort of Republican of whom it's "safe" for a DFL organ to be complementary. Can't fault either Ramstad or the Strib for that.

The Strib's congressional endorsements; 3/4 DFL campaign ad, 1/4 plausible deniability.

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