June 10, 2006

DFL Convention Notes

While at the State GOP convention there was a brief flash of an idea that we might be able to broadcast from the State DFL convention. It fell through, alas - I would have loved to have made the trip - but I followed the polling via excellent liveblogging from Michael Brodkorb, Flash and Rew.

Just some scattered observations:

  • Becky Lourey's big vision - as articulated in her withdrawal speech after the fourth ballot - was organic farming? Yeah, Becks - take that one to the streets this September/November. Go for it.
  • MPR still uses Tim Penny as a commentator. His "commentary", both at the DFL and at last week's GOP convos, is nothing but an unpaid ad for the Ventura Independence "Party"; Penny can't squeeze out a sentence without mentioning Peter Hutchinson. Which is a good thing, since I sincerely doubt that more than a tiny fraction of the IP's "support" comes from Republicans. Speaking of which - why does anyone care what Tim Penny has to say?
  • Speaking of MPR, I know someone down there reads this blog. Please - tell Tim Pugmeier to take coffee. Now. The guy is positively somnambulent.
  • Patty Wetterling - Oh, my. I hate to say anything out of turn, but....oh, my. What a crummy stump speaker.
  • No, wait - Lourey is worse
  • I was so hoping to hear a Wild Wendy speech. But then, with people like Wetterling, Betty "Rubble" McCollum and Loury on the stand, Wilde might almost be listenable in comparison.
More observations as I continue to listen.

Assuming I do...

Posted by Mitch at June 10, 2006 04:16 PM | TrackBack

So your saying that Tim Penny who is an active member of a major political party gets to be on the radio and be treated like an expert?

How unfair, it must suck being a Democrat or Republican facing this huge disadvantage.

Lets hope they learn from this mistake and only run people like Annette Meeks and Wendell Anderson out there next time. Man how terrible of a mistake, this is going to ruin the election.

Posted by: Mike Grimes at June 13, 2006 02:15 PM

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