June 02, 2006

The Other Kennedy, The Other Mark

Mark Kennedy won the GOP Senate nomination with just under 80% of the vote in one ballot last night.

About 15% of the delegates voted for Harold Shudlick, which is about three times what I'd expected. I suspect there was a bigger protest vote from the solid right than the party's leadership expected; there's a serious strain among the delegates, I think, that is piqued (if not angry) with Kennedy over some of his moves, however tentative, to the center (Anwar being a big one). I don't think it'll translate to the general.

We were off the air by the time the vote came out, and King and I had left the building (it was a school night and I had kids at home) long before Kennedy took the stage.

Ringer, however, was there:

From an endorsement introduction speech that last mere minutes, Kennedy moved on at tremendous length to highlight some of the differences with his “unnamed” DFL opponent, albeit with the disclaimer of attempting to run a campaign with “civility.” And true to his statement, Kennedy says very little negative…other than whispering Amy Klobuchar’s name to laughs, boos and hisses…in that order. Indeed, Kennedy’s harshed criticism of Klobuchar this evening didn’t even invoke her name as Kennedy spoke of the violence that has reintroduced itself to the streets of Minneapolis.

Kennedy stressed improving education while invoking his family’s history as educators themselves while noting his opposition to No Child Left Behind or any program that places “Washington bureaucrats” over the needs and wishes of local control. In all, Kennedy’s message, although not delivered with the same rhetorical talent, was Gipperesque in tone—a Gingrich Revolution-era, small government, local control agenda.

All and more with a healthy dolp of strong national security—“cutting and running may be a path but it’s the wrong path”—and Kennedy’s comments tonight will earn the scorn of traditional liberals and should earn the praise and vote of traditional conservatives.

Cue "The Machine".

Posted by Mitch at June 2, 2006 05:34 AM | TrackBack

Shudilck sounded interesting until he said he was an ordained Lutheran minister. That killed it for me. Being aquainted as I am with the ELCA, I don't trust Lutheran ministers who claim to be Republican (Can you say Dean Johnson? Sure you can).

Posted by: Kermit at June 2, 2006 07:45 AM


My mother worked in the Mpls Synod office of the ELCA from 1988-1997. She made wonderful friends and they were very nice to each other. But she and the front desk receptionist were the only conservatives/Republicans in the entire office. And it seemed that the higher up in stature/position her coworkers were, the more rabidly liberal they were. The Bishop at the time was just to the left of John Kerry, his secretary was an educrat biased liberal, and there was a black pastor who reminded me 100% of THE REVerUND...JACK...sonnnnnnn. Altho this pastor had orders of magnitude more grace and class than Jackson could ever hope to have, and he was FUNNY as well. I think she mentioned that it was much the same at the St Paul synod as well.

They had many political debates over lunch about all sorts of issues, but as best I heard from Mom, it was merely an agree to disagree atmosphere and politics pretty much never left the lunchroom. She never felt uncomfortable in working in an office that might as well have been a DFL campaign bureau.

There are a few pastors I've run into over the years who aren't leftists, but not many. Thankfully, the previous head pastor at my ELCA church (who was pastor there for about 25 years before he retired) and the current pastor that replaced him are solidly in the anti-ELCA politics camp, especially when it comes to any suggestion of approving homosexual clergy

But yeah, being an ELCA pastor usually is a bad resume point for political office in my mind.

Missouri Synod, on the other hand...

Posted by: Bill C at June 2, 2006 09:37 AM

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