May 10, 2006

The Accidental Geek

Item 1: My comment section is still down.

In a sense it's a good thing; I'm finally able to catch up on eliminating comment spam. But I do miss the back and forth.

Since Moveable Type 2.x is pretty much deadware - it's been unsupported for over a year - I'm probably going to have to upgrade. The battle is between Moveable Type 3.x and Wordpress so far.

I didn't get into blogging to have to muck about with system management. I'm learning a bit - but it's irritating...

Item 2: That being said, I'm having to do a lot more geekery. I'm going to be launching a Podcast in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to make it a little different than most podcasts out there. More later - I'm still developing the idea - which means a lot of tweaking technical things; a new website, audio recording stuff on my computer, and figuring out how to do the whole pod thing. More over the next week or two (much of it is contingent on getting the blog itself figured out).

Stay, er, tuned.

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