October 14, 2005

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part IX

It was D-Day, October 14, 1985. My late-night, inebriated promise of only 17 days before had come to this; it was time to load up the car and start going for the Twin Cities.

I got up early, and loaded up my '73 Malibu. My guitars, naturally, rode in the passenger seat, surrounded by blankets and a pillow. In the back, a gym bag, an army-surplus duffel, a guitar amp, and my interview suit (nee my graduation suit) in a laundry bag. And not much else.

I climbed into the car; not quite ready to head out yet. One last errand to run; withdraw my money from the bank.

And then I'd be ready to go.

I walked out the front door of Dad's house, and down to the street, where my car - in whose safety I was a lot less sure than before - sat. I started up, and drove over to Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan to pull my money out and get on the road.

I parked on the street in front of the bank, checked my passbook inside my jacket pocket, walked up to the front door, and pulled.

And nearly wrenched my hand. The door didn't move.


I focused on the door. Locked.

I looked through the window. It was dark inside.

A sign was taped to the door;

Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan Will Be Closed On Monday, October 14, for the Columbus Day Banking Holiday.

We will re-open on Tuesday, October 15

I stood for a moment, slack-jawed, mind reeling. Huh? Closed? Whaaaa?

All the planning, and I hadn't remembered that it was Columbus Day.

Dejected, hoping it wasn't a sign from above, I drove home to Mom and Dad's place, broke the news, called my friend in Burnsville, and spent the evening laying very, very low.

Tomorrow, I thought.

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