September 19, 2005


Afghanistan held another election:

Afghan voters elected a parliament for the first time in more than 35 years Sunday as a massive security operation foiled Taliban threats to disrupt the polling.

There were 19 attacks across the country, but they were "very minor," said Peter Erben, chief operations officer for the U.N.-Afghan election commission. Three voters were injured in separate incidents in eastern Kunar Province, he said.

I blame Bush!

Oh, wait - Afghan elections are a good thing, right?

In Ghazni, 75 miles southwest of the capital, Kabul, candidate Khan Badshah Khan, 68, said Afghans defied Taliban threats as a patriotic duty. "The Taliban are everywhere around here, but the people of Ghazni are brave," he said while visiting a polling station where voters cast ballots under trees behind cardboard screens. "We are ready to die for our country."

More than 70,000 Afghan police and soldiers and about 30,000 foreign troops were deployed nationwide.

It's all gotta benefit Halliburton. I can just feel it.

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