August 26, 2005

Everyone Is MDE

I've been reading Shawn Towle's "Checks And Balances" off and on for years, now.

On the one hand, I have to hand it to Towle, being able to make money (any money) doing a paid web-based political newsletter in the age of the blog.

And I have to hand him more, since he seems to be able to do it with the lowest copy-editing standards I've seen this side of Democratic Underground.

The other day, Towle thought he'd figured out the identity of Minnesota's most elusive pundit, the "Minnesota Democrat Exposer". Much imitated, MDE arouses boundless irrational ire among DFLers. "MNPublius" writes:

If MDE is getting all his information from the Republican Party, then he is being sponsored by the Party in my book. There are two implications to this:

1) MDE is just a partisan hack, and should be treated accordingly.

2) Without knowing what information is coming from the GOP Party itself, and what is original MDE material (we would know if MDE was honest about this "operative" and his relationship with him/her) I have to assume that everything he posts is coming from the Republican Party and therefore that Party is responsible for the rumors, false claims and slander that is a staple of MDE's site.

That seems, of course, to be a staple of the left's response to conservative blogging; cry "Partisan Hack!", and say "that's that".

Recently, MDE published a piece claiming that Senate DFL leader Matt Entenza had hired a private eye to investigate Attorney General Mike Hatch.

The left were not amused.

Towle's "expose":

Minnesota Democrats Exposed (Exposed)

If you google the name Jerome Plagge you will find information on his activity in the blogsphere for Republican Senate District 63 (Richfield). There is also a link to a story from his blog about living a red life in a blue district on something called As one delves a little deeper you see that in Minnesota Democrats Exposed is one of the most traded blog shares.

So recent information that has come our way is the Jerome Plagge is the person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed. It will be interesting to see if now the anonymous source behind MDE either confirms or denies this idea. We encourage the folks at MDE to contact us and tell it how it is.

The Minnesota left was not amused by MDE's news...

...but the Minnesota right certainly is getting a yuk or two out of Towle's claim that Jerry Plagge - who writes the SD63 blog - is MDE.

Most of us in the MOB have met Jerry Plagge; he makes periodic appearances at Keegans. Doug from BoGold relates:

This is amusing for multiple reasons. The first is, I have met Jerry Plagge. He's not terribly anonymous, nor secretive about his political leanings or opinions. That's why he already has a blog for writing about them.
Kool Aid Report decided to get into the sleuthing business:
OK, here's the wrap up based on all the cicumstantial evidence KAR has uncovered.

The following people are not MDE:

V-Toed Bill
Jerry Plagge

The following people are MDE:

The Head of Alfredo Garcia
Bogus Doug a/k/a Gerry Daly
Mrs. Bogus Doug a/k/a Mrs. Daly
"Conservative Minnesota"
Tom Swift a/k/a Ian Mykal

Gary Miller at Kennedy Vs. The Machine, however, has the litmus test figured out:
FWIW, The Millers are spending the Labor Day weekend in southern Minnesota camping and drinking Schell’s beer with the Plagge family. No internet connection will be available at our campsite and, last I checked, no Wi-Fi is yet available at state parks.

If MDE goes dormant over the holiday, the moonbats may just have found their guy! Alternatively, nk2134 [the commenter that "broke" the story of the MDE/Plagge link] may want to investigate how Blogshares work before revealing his/her ignorance.

And finally, Plagge himself:Trust me he is not me and I am not himThe final word? I tend to doubt it.

Posted by Mitch at August 26, 2005 06:32 AM | TrackBack

I know Jerry, but I can't say for sure that he is MDE. The last time I saw MDE he had a mask on.

Posted by: Rob at August 26, 2005 11:23 AM

Charlton Heston, if memory serves me correct, should get the credit for uncovering the truth about MDE when he proclaimed:

"MDE is us!"

Or something like that...

Posted by: Larry at August 26, 2005 04:34 PM

Towle responds.....

A DFLer in Plagge's area doubts that Plagge is MDE.

Posted by: Eva Young at August 26, 2005 09:24 PM

Lol... Towle responds? He might have fact checked before he ran with his "scoop."

BREAKING NEWS: The Towle dude "exposed" himself as an inept reporter. I'd love to see him go into detail about the preponderance of evidence it took him to publish his "scoop." Because he was SO wrong it would be pretty entertaining.

And those bloggers who entertained the notion that this was true on Towle's word? Thanks for showing the rest of us how gullible you are.

Posted by: Doug at August 26, 2005 10:45 PM

Lloydletta's Nooz has an interview with MDE posted - along with follow up questions.

I'm interested in hearing comments from readers here.

Also, Plagge was featured in the strib article:

A similar problem confronted Republican blog contributor Jerry Plagge of Richfield. He had e-mailed a Star Tribune reporter questioning Conroy's explanation of her case, then asked that the message be sent back.

Why? He had sent it from his work computer at C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., a trucking and transportation company in Eden Prairie.

"I intended to send the message from my home or personal mailbox," he said. "Note the irony of me using work e-mail ... even if there is a big difference between a public position and a private company like mine."

Posted by: Eva Young at August 28, 2005 03:00 PM

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