July 11, 2005


Leon H. at || has as good a summary of the Wilson/Rove/Secret Agent Plame rhubarb as any I've seen:

So let's review - Wilson lied about how he got to Niger, he lied about seeing a report that didn't even exist at the time, he lied about the conclusions of his own report(!), he lied about what the administration had been told, and his wife, Valerie Plame, specifically sent him on a mission to intentionally debunk a claim, not to find facts or perform inspections. I'd say the WaPo's conclusion is pretty sound on this one.

Also, it certainly gives life to the question of why the heck these two lied so darn much in absence of a clear and compelling political agenda driving their every move. Let's not rush to make these partisan hacks into saints - they attempted to cook the books against the administration and got busted for being the compulsive liars that they are. In the course of attempting to discredit the ludicrously false claims, someone in the White House (presumably Rove) told the press that Wilson was sent to Niger on dubious premises in the first place (the recommendation of his wife), without giving the name of Wilson's wife, which Rove apparently did not know.

It'll be interesting to see how that part turns out.

My attitude about the whole Rove flap has been threefold:

  1. I sincerely doubted that Rove did anything illegal; Rocketman pretty well guts the notion that Valerie Plame was even a "secret agent", much less a key national security asset during wartime.
  2. Since the "Rove Did It!" meme started with Laurence O'Donnell, I figured the odds of it being a legit story and of my getting a hot date with Kate Beckinsale are about even
  3. If, against all those odds, it turns out that Rove really did commit an illegal act - and I mean, illegal in a sense a court would recognize - then kick him to the curb, by all means, with all the legal consequences that entails.
Last week, after O'Donnell's "revelation", I heard the Marc Maron show fulminating about the issue. "What Rove did was treason", blathered Maron.

I figure if the lefty spin machine is calling it treason, it's probably not even on the moral plane of a parking ticket.

When this story first broke on the scene, I thought that Rove should properly be banished from the administration team, despite the fact that even at that time it was pretty clear that no crime took place. However, given the serial and politically motivated lies of Wilson and Plame, it's clear that the fairy tale the liberals have constructed in which Plame was the heroic CIA agent unjustly outed by Arch-Demon Karl Rove is totally and completely false - and I won't be shedding any more tears about either of their fates.

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Like a Friars Roast, except not funny:

I had to cover my eyes. Poor Scott.

If Rove is indeed the source, I don't know if Bush can afford to stand by his blessed Blossom in light of previous statements to the press:

It would require a barrel of prevarication for them to justify keeping Karl. Looking forward to Cooper's day in court...

Posted by: Ernst Stavro Blofeld at July 11, 2005 04:17 PM

I would like someone with enough money to waste on newspaper advertisements to spell out in one page advertisements exactly what Wilson said and how he lied. He needs to be shown up for what he is. A provocateur. (Of course a smalll line at the bottom stating that Wilson is a favourite of the Democratic/progressive left would be good).

Alternatively. Can he be sued civilly for his lies and who could do it. I am sure a case could be made that he profited from his lies.

Posted by: davod at July 11, 2005 04:57 PM

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