May 02, 2005


The Saint Paul DFL endorsed Chris Coleman to run for mayor of Saint Paul:

Former St. Paul City Council Member Chris Coleman earned the DFL endorsement for St. Paul mayor on Saturday, defeating Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega to take on Mayor Randy Kelly.
Kelly, who broke with Democrats in endorsing George W. Bush last fall, has been a great mayor for Saint Paul, keeping Norm Coleman's tax policies in place and keeping city bureaucracy under control, compared to Minneapolis. He's earned the endorsement of the Saint Paul and Minneapolis police federations.

On the other hand, Chris Coleman is the brother of Star/Tribune columnist Nick Coleman. Having Chris in office would at least serve to force Nick to abstain from writing about Saint Paul politics - right? Conflict of interest? For the St. Paul school board, the party endorsed John Brodrick and Elona Street-Stewart, both incumbents, and Tom Goldstein.Which should serve to keep the school board in its current state, as the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saint Paul DFL.

But I almost did a spit-take when I saw John Brodrick - until I realized he was not the same as Richard Broderick, Green Party candidate for the board in '03 and one of the most deeply bizarre candidates for office since Harley McClain (now there is a trivia question for you...)

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How can I verify that Nick and Chris are brothers? It may be common knowledge locally but I've only been in the Cities for 7 years and had no idea. I blogged on this at Anti-Strib and wanted corroboration.

Posted by: Sequel at May 2, 2005 07:04 PM

I think Kelly's in big bombad trouble here. Ortega was not a great candidate, but it was entirely within the DFL's capacity to endorse him. Coleman, conversely, is polished, articulate, and well-known to the city. Meanwhile, every Democrat in the state is upset with Kelly. I personally know two Kelly staffers from '01 who are working for Coleman this time around.

I think Kelly is going down. Which is too bad, but frankly, he's done enough bridge-burning over the past four years that it can't be seen as surprising.

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how do i contact chris coleman for more information on his campagin?

Posted by: 312l at September 13, 2005 05:19 PM

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