January 31, 2005

Just Imagine You're In Taos

Chris Allbritton is a roving journalist without portfolio who is in Iraq now, and blogging from Baghdad. He's been getting quoted on a number of leftyblogs:

So far, not as much violence as everybody feared. The question is why? Is the insurgency taking a pass on this one? (It's possible. Our sources in the insurgency say the election will make no difference to them, so why expend a lot of energy?)
Right, but others' sources in the insurgency indicated that they wanted to do a full-court press against the election. Was it one, the other, or both? And are the "sources" saving face over what is, for them, a defeat (as the similar election in the '90s in Algeria in the end turned out to be)?
Is the insurgency much weaker than previously thought? Or is the level of security sufficient to keep it in check?
If that's the case, then that is discouraging, too, because the measures that have kept today safe (so far) are truly draconian. No driving, dusk to dawn curfews, states of emergency. If that's what it takes to provide security in Iraq, why erase one police state only to replace it with another?Er, I dunno - to lay the groundwork for ending the police state forever, and thwart those who want to have one eternally?

Steven Vincent at "In the Red Zone" adds:

Beneath this tactless, heartless passage, they post a photo of a U.S. soldier in sunglasses. Message received: the U.S. has formed a police state similar to Saddam's regime. Tell that to the Marines, folks.

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