January 23, 2005

Down With The MOB

I tried to think of a highlight for last night's Minnesota Organization of Bloggers party at Keegans. I couldn't, really; the whole evening was a long highlight.

While I thought about wearing "jammies", per Jo's suggestion (in my case, more like sweatpants and a wife-beater T), I figured "why ruin anyone's dinner" - so Jo and Cathy had that market all to themselves. Cathy also has a great listing of everyone there; I was too sick to want to bother with keeping track last night...

...although I'll try in a bit.

I counted a little over 80 people there at the peak of the party, around 7:30PM; I counted from memory at least 20 people that either left earlier or came later, so I think it's a fair bet that 100 people showed up over the course of the night.

I think it was the first time in my life that more than one person bought me a drink (thanks Laura and Rob) or something to eat (a million thanx to the very perceptive Gary from Dayton V. Kennedy for the boxty, which seems to have become my Keegans' claim to fame).

I know I'm going to miss a bunch of people, but I'll give this my best shot.

In addition to Brian, Chad, Atomizer and JB from Fraters, Captain Ed, King Banaian, Scott Johnson from Powerline, Warrior Monk and Eloise from Spitbull, Lileks and the famed Giant Swede, we met Senator Michele Bachman (and her husband and two daughters), Norm Coleman's regional affairs director John Halverson, Chris Caywood from Soldiers' Angels, Jeremy "Kodiak" Kienitz (Bob Davis' producer at KSTP-AM) as well as Tom Mischke's producer (Damn, I forgot the name...), Mindy the non-blogging media lawyer, David Strom and Margaret Martin of the Taxpayers League and Our House, Mark Yost and Craig Westover from the Pioneer Press, and a woman from the City Pages whose name, alas, eludes me.

Not to mention Doug and Ellen, Bill from Kool-Aid Report, Gary from Dayton V. Kennedy (and his wife, who got a custom-made blog name from Saint, which will hopefully be appearing soon), Noodles from People's Republic of Minnesota, Mary from It's Noon Somewhere, Kathy from Cake Eater Chronicles, Kelly from Patriette along with her boyfriend, who's on his way to Afghanistan and will (Kelly tells us) be blogging from there (and Kelly, you'd better send us the link when it goes live), Ryan "Rambling" Rhodes and (if memory serves, and I apologize if it doesn't) Caroline, DC from Brainstorming, John "Policy Guy" LaPlante, Anoka Flash from Centrisity, Andy Keith from Centerfeud (oddly, despite a very concerted effort to invite lefty bloggers to the event, the only ones to bite were Andy, Flash and the woman from the City Pages. C'mon, we don't bite...), pundit-at-large Sarah Janecek, John from Crazy But Able, Larry Colson and Laura Hemler from Bush Cheney '04, as well as a number of folks who identified themselves as fans - Rob, the Hansons, a couple of Protest Warriors (again, sorry - I was running on three cylinders last night, on top of being terrible with names in the first place), and a bunch of friends and relatives of all the above.

More will come back to me, I'm sure.

Thanks to all for showing up. It was a great time; we'll be doing it again. It'll be a lot of fun in the summer, when the sidewalk seating is open, and I'm not periodically hacking my lungs out...

Posted by Mitch at January 23, 2005 05:48 PM | TrackBack

Mitch, you deserved every free drink and meal people got you. Among all the people there, you were the most outgoing, and were quite kind to those of us shy folk. Thanks for introducing so many people to so many people. It was a great get together.

Posted by: Marty Andrade at January 23, 2005 05:24 PM

Sorry I missed it. But I had to stalk Alton Brown. Priorities, you know. But my fiance really wants to meet Sen. Michele Bachman after she read her profile in the PiPress. So... maybe next time.

Posted by: Mark at January 24, 2005 11:40 AM

Great time, I just wish I had met more people. I am looking forward to an outdoor gathering, though, as I was losing my voice by 8:30 or so. All that smoke!

Say, maybe t Jo's SO can sell Keegan's some of those smoke-eating widgets?

Posted by: The PolicyGuy at January 24, 2005 01:29 PM


Brad Carlson, Protest Warrior!

My wife Jen & I wanted to say "thanks" for putting on such an extravaganza! I think we were there a good hour or so before I even saw you sit down!

Let me know what you think if you ever see the documentary "WELLSTONE!". :-)

Talk to you soon!


Posted by: Brad Carlson at January 24, 2005 03:50 PM

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