January 13, 2005

Speaking For So Many Of Us

Varifrank, by his own account, said something to a room full of Euros that a lot of us have had on our mind lately.

If this story is true, then please add my attaboy to the chorus.

(Via Red)

The money excerpt:

Today, during an afternoon conference that wrapped up my project of the last 18 months, one of my Euro collegues tossed this little turd out to no one in particular:

" See, this is why George Bush is so dumb, theres a disaster in the world and he sends an Aircraft Carrier..."

After which he and many of my Euro collegues laughed out loud.

and then they looked at me. I wasn't laughing, and neither was my Hindi friend sitting next to me, who has lost family in the disaster.

I'm afraid I was "unprofessional", I let it loose -

"Hmmm, let's see, what would be the ideal ship to send to a disaster, now what kind of ship would we want?

Something with its own inexhuastible power supply?

Something that can produce 900,000 gallons of fresh water a day from sea water?

Something with its own airfield? So that after producing the fresh water, it could help distribute it?

Something with 4 hospitals and lots of open space for emergency supplies?

Something with a global communications facility to make the coordination of disaster relief in the region easier?

Well "Franz", us peasants in America call that kind of ship an "Aircraft Carrier". We have 12 of them. How many do you have? Oh that's right, NONE. Lucky for you and the rest of the world, we are the kind of people who share. Even with people we dont like. In fact, if memory serves,once upon a time we peasants spent a ton of money and lives rescuing people who we had once tried to kill and who tried to kill us.

Do you know who those people were? that's right Franz, Europeans.

Theres is a French Aircraft carrier? where is it? Right where it belongs! In France of course! Oh why should the French Navy dirty their uniforms helping people on the other side of the globe. How Simplesse...

The day an American has to move a European out of the way to help in some part of the world it will be a great day in the world, you sniggering little f**knob..."

The room fell silent. My hindi friend then said quietly to the Euros:

"Can you let your hatred of George Bush end for just one minute? There are people dying! And what are your countries doing? has helped more than France has. You all have a role to play in the world, why can't you see that? Thank God for the US Navy, they dont have to come and help, but they are. They helped you once and you should all thank God they did. They didnt have to, and no one but them would have done so. I'm ashamed of you all..."

He left the room, shaking and in tears. The frustration of being on the other side of the globe, unable to do anything to assist and faced with people who could not set aside their asininity long enough to reach out and help was too much for him to bear. I just shook my head and left. The Euros stood speechless.

My sentiments exactly.

And here in the Twin Cities, you don't even need to look for Euros to get motivated for the same tirade.

Posted by Mitch at January 13, 2005 06:06 PM | TrackBack

Europeans seemed to have settled on this kind of knee-jerk condescending dismissal of all things American as the most effort-free means of dealing with their own irrelevance and encroaching demise. At least we won't have to worry about any more Hitlers trying to conquer the world. Europe is so rotted away by Leftism, they couldn't conquer their way out of a wet paper bag. Consequently they are of no use to anyone in a crisis. Let's make sure we don't let the same thing happen to us.

Posted by: Van Helsing at January 13, 2005 03:54 PM

VH, I wish I could go along with your comforting thought, but Hitler took over by ignoring such people (because they *are* irrelevant).

Anti-Americanism is just as useful a tool to psycho-tyrant wannabees as anti-communism was for Hitler, anti-fascism to Stalin and anti-semitism to lots of others.

The only relevance of these Eurowimps is that they help feed that flame.

Posted by: Old Whig at January 14, 2005 10:23 AM
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