January 13, 2005

Dave's Not Here, Man

The doctor calls it "Viral Bronchitis", and says I've gotta ride it out.

So while my kids both have minor colds with coughing and sore throats, I'm horribly short of breath and I have a hacking cough that occasionally gets so violent that I've pulled every muscle in my torso.

Upside: Occasionally I cough so hard that I enter a state of oxygen-deprived euphoria. It's the only "high" I've ever really gotten; I never did weed or coke, in fact. But coughing?

I'm sure there's a health problem associated with that sort of coughing. Be gentle before you bogart my buzz...

Posted by Mitch at January 13, 2005 05:22 AM | TrackBack

If it helps at all, you have my sympathy. Get better soon!

Posted by: DC at January 13, 2005 07:43 AM


You got a show to do Saturday. It's way too early for the "Best of the Northern Alliance."

Posted by: James Ph at January 13, 2005 08:02 AM
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