December 17, 2004

That Horrible Bush Economy

The economy is the worst since the Great Depression.

Remember that?

Either do these guys:

Business leaders across Minnesota and the rest of the six-state Minneapolis Federal Reserve district are more optimistic about the economy for 2005 than they have been at any time since the Fed began surveying them in 1989.

And the upbeat attitude among executives spanned a wide spectrum of industries, from construction and manufacturing to retailing and software. None of the eight categories of businesses polled expects a down year.

"I was surprised it was so broad-based," said Toby Madden, the Minneapolis Fed's regional economist.

Although late word has it that John Hinderaker predicts a depression.

Oh, yeah - and all us newly-minted heartless Minnesota conservatives are letting our fellow man starve in the street, too:

For the fifth consecutive year, Minnesota has been ranked No. 1 in the United Way of America's "State of Caring Index."

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"Either do these guys"?

Your friendly neighborhood speel chocker

Posted by: billhedrick at December 17, 2004 08:14 AM
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