December 07, 2004

DLC Joins "Venomous Fury"

Last week, the Star/Tribune's editorial board unleashed a ludicrous diatribe against Senator Norm Coleman and his investigation of Kofi Annan and the Oil for Graft scandal. The editorial said:

This is really all about Annan's refusal to toe the Bush line on Iraq and the administration's generally unilateral approach to foreign affairs. The right-wingers hate Annan and saw in the food-for-oil program a possible chink in his armor.
So what's the motivaton for this?
The world deserves a full and thorough accounting of what transpired. The sooner the United Nations can get past this matter, the sooner it can get back to the important business of making itself an effective instrument for collective security against terrorism, failed states, and acts of genocide, a goal that Annan has strongly supported. The secretary general should place this critical mission ahead of his personal interests, and step aside. Given his own lack of credibility on the oil-for-food program, this step is the price Annan must pay to help restore the U.N.'s credibility, and to salvage his legacy as secretary general.
That's the Democratic Leadership Council, the moderate Democrat faction that spawned Bill Clinton and Joe Lieberman.

So, Strib editorial board - are they pawns of Bush and Rove?

Is the DLC carrying water for the neocon agenda?

Or has the Star/Tribune's collective dementia gone far past caricature?

Question for any Star/Trib staffers who may be reading this: what do people inside the Strib think about working for an organ whose editorial board is too awash in agenda to tell the story? What do they think about that board's serial swerves into hatchet-jobbery and...dishonesty?

What's it like walking behind the emperor and telling the jeering crowd "no, he's really wearing a fabulous black turtleneck?"

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