November 17, 2004

Craziest Day Possible

Lots going on. Will post more later.

I've got a post rattling around my head about the whole Marine shooting thing that I'm going to try to tackle sooner than later...

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Here are a couple of rants posted round the web in the last 24 hours.

SUBJECT: more on the the Marine that did me a personal favor and popped a cap in the asz of that piece of sheite rag

The same sorry-arse left-wing pukes that want to hang this guy out to dry in order to undermine the United States and, by default, George Bush, considered Kerry chasing down and murdering an unarmed teenager in a friggin' loincloth to be his finest hour and worthy of a silver star.

Finish the investigation, at least before lighting the match to burn this young marine at the stake for the sake of your communist-arse political agenda. The phucking little pellets of maggot schitt that want to call him a murderer at this point in time because there aren't enough human chromosomes in their DNA to give this man the same benefit of the doubt they gave Kerry prove the gene pool needs more chlorine.

1. the axehole that got shot was a phucking terrorist. 2. Instead of surrendering he played dead. 3. More than one of our marines was killed by a "dead" terrorist. 4. If the military started making the "embedded" Al Jazeera loyalists who are posing as journalists see if the damned murdering raghead bastages are unarmed and free of explosive devices, this "problem" would go away instantly. 5. Haven't you fled to Canada or Cuba yet, Larry? What's the phuckin' holdup?

Regardless of what it may 'look' like on the film clip, given the fact that the rags had been acting 'dead' or 'wounded' just to lure a marine close enough so that they could pull the 'pin' and take out the marines trying to give aid is reason enough to shot first and ask questions later. Just because the room was 'cleared' a few hours earlier does not mean that another rag had not entered the room subsequent to it having been initially cleared and then he placed a 'booby trap' on the wounded or dead. Or, the wounded person may have been given a bomb so that he could get his 72 virgins. The marine just helped him along his way before he had an opportunity to take the marine with him. Once a building or room has been left unoccupied by our forces for even an hour, the building or room can no longer be considered secured by the next squad entering the room. Why you ask? Simply because they are fighting an 'urban' battle where insurgents have tunnels and hideouts throughout the city. You may think you secured the building and left it yet their may have been a 'secret' room or tunnel in the building you missed.

If you have our soldiers hesitating even for a split second you better send a whole lot more body bags over to Iraq. They are in a war zone where the enemy is willing to commit suicide in order to kill our soldiers. The soldiers can not take any chances, PERIOD!!!!

Film clips like the one shown do not tell the whole story. It is life or death for these marines and soldiers. As noted, this marine's squad had 1 killed and 5 wounded because of a 'booby trap' placed on a 'wounded' insurgent the previous day. Given these facts I for one would not be going anywhere near a 'wounded' or dead insurgent. I'd use a 50' rope to drag their sorry asses for awhile before I'd get anywhere near them. To do otherwise would be putting yourself at great risk unnecessarily.

Posted by: Mike at November 17, 2004 01:48 PM