October 25, 2004

All The Marbles

Things are looking good for the President this week - but we can't let up.

As the Captain mentioned this morning, he, the Elder, Saint and I went to the Bush/Cheney HQ on Saturday and spent a couple of hours phone banking after the show. Among us, we got about 30 more volunteers lined up for the 96-hour effort to get out the Republican vote that starts next Saturday.

They still need people for that effort - lots of them, for lots of jobs:

  • Calling registered Republicans
  • Driving Republican voters to the polls,
  • Going door to door to Republican houses, making sure they know to get out to the polls - every single one of them
  • Helping watch the polls - not poll-judging (the deadline for that is long past), but a variety of other less-official jobs making sure the polling stations are run fairly and are free of shenanigans.
  • Other jobs - and you can believe it, there are a zillion things that'll need to be done on Election Day.
So please, call the Bush/Cheney office, volunteer for something next weekend, Monday or Election Tuesday itself.

The weather looks like it's going to be mild; there'll be no early blizzards to keep Democrats away from the polls in droves, like in previous elections (although this is still a long-range forecast, and we can sure hope). We're going to have to win Minnesota the old-fashioned way - getting Republicans to the polls and kicking...donkey.

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E-mail from America Coming Together (Oct. 22) Please note section marked between ****:

Dear XXXX,

According to our records you haven't made plans to volunteer on Election Day yet...

Please sign up today. ACT staffers are standing by to help you.

(If you have already made your plans offline or using a different email address, thank you! Please disregard this message and work on getting your friends and family to ACT with you.)

ACT has a very detailed plan for victory on November 2nd. We've identified specific goals for voter contacts in each precinct. To reach our goals in Ohio, we'll need 2988 volunteers on Election Day; in Florida, the magic number is 2500; Nevada needs 1142.

We is working overtime in each of ACT's 86 field offices to help volunteers like you make plans. They're even ready to help with hotel accommodations and transportation if you need it.

Sign up here:

We've rented vans, set up staging areas and are busy conducting GOTV trainings across the country. Just this week, over 300 volunteer team leaders from California have been trained to work in Nevada. The same is happening all across the country.


You are part of the plan and the 2004 elections could be decided by the voters you help turn out. Please don't sit home on Election Day.

Why should you volunteer with ACT?

ACT has built an unprecedented voter contact program which has informed and activated millions of Democrats across the battleground states. Thousands of paid canvassers have been working on the ground, seven days a week, meeting voters, talking about the issues, and preparing them for your final visit at their doorstep.

You are responsible for getting these voters to the polls. You will make the difference.

Please sign up today and help us turn out the voters who will defeat George W. Bush and elect Democrats up and down the ticket -- in federal, state and local elections.

Thank you for your support,

Ellen Malcolm
America Coming Together

Posted by: NL at October 25, 2004 02:08 PM

I meant to preface the above with, "This is what we're up against."

Posted by: NL at October 25, 2004 02:16 PM

TO THE "SILENT MAJORITY"...wake up! Like you I have been "silent" (or mostly) my whole life. My family knew my views, but almost no on else.

Now my LIFE, the live of my children and grandchildren are at stake...and I am LOUD!!!

Wake up, volunteer and make a difference!

GOTV for George Bush!!!!!!

Call your local reps, and if you are close to a "swing state" then go THERE and volunteer!


Posted by: justrand at October 25, 2004 08:55 PM

WaPo Tracking LV: Kerry 49 Bush 48
ABC Tracking LV: Kerry 49 Bush 48
Rasmussen Tracking LV: Kerry 48 Bush 46

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Posted by: Jeff Fecke at October 26, 2004 12:54 AM

You've been cherry picking, Jeff!

LA Times: Bush 49, Kerry 48 | Bush JA @ 49%

Gallup: Bush 51, Kerry 46, Nader 1 | Bush 52, Kerry 46 | Bush JA @ 51%

Zogby: Bush 48, Kerry 45, Nader 1

TIPP: Bush 50, Kerry 42, Nader 2 | Bush 48, Kerry 41|*

Posted by: Jon at October 26, 2004 03:55 AM

Er, yeah, Jeff. You have a kid; I'd get caught up on that whole "spirit of Christmas" thing pretty quick if I were you. By the way, I prefer not to profane my religious observances with political parallels.

Of the 11 main polls tracked on Real Clear Politics:

5 (Reuters/Zogby, TIPP, Time, GW/Battlefield and Fox) show the president with increasing leads at the brink of or outside the margin of error.

1 (AP/IPSOS) shows the President behind but gaining over the past two weeks.

2 (Newsweek and Marist) show the president leading but inside the MOE (and Newsweek's methodology is either erratic or compromised depending on who you ask).

1 (CNN/USA Today) shows the president leading outside the MOE, but losing a few points in the past week or two.

And one - ABC/WaPo - showing a wild swing from a MOE lead to a point back inside two weeks, which is a tad suspicious, given that it's a behavior no other poll shows.

Jeff, next week is the only poll that matters. And I'm a fundamentally pessimistic person when it comes to things like politics. But I have to say that the trnd in the polls, the visible disintegration of any Kerry strategery and the increasing shrillness and pettiness of the left's punditry are making me feel better about this every day.

Posted by: mitch at October 26, 2004 09:59 AM