October 18, 2004

City Pages Endorses Bush!

Well, not exactly the whole City Pages. A typical opinion in the Twin Cities' weekly freebie tabloid, known for paranoid liberal editorial opinion (about which more later), incoherent and dilletantish music criticism and, by the by, some excellent local hard-news reporting, is much more likely to fret about City Pages writers being shipped off to camps in Idaho than to support, or even fairly appraise, the President.

So I can only assume the ideological fact-checkers at the City Pages were in some electronica-induced haze of confusion when they let Dara Moskowitz' latest restaurant review slip through.

Moskowitz [emphasis mine]:

This would be a landmark in any town, but for St. Paul I feel like it's about more than dining--much, much more. I mean, think about it: Could it be possible that the idea of imminent financial doom has finally released its clench from the throat of hardworking St. Paul? Is it possible that the specter of the Great Depression is actually, finally, now, in the post-silicon, Pinot Noir-tinged present, lifting? And while we're at it, has anyone noted lately how essential to St. Paul F. Scott Fitzgerald is, he who above all equated glitter with doom, high flying with crashing, and splurging with divine fury?

Well, consider this your invitation to just toss history on the compost heap with last week's bananas because this is now, and splurging is currently equated with great value and satisfaction. I mean, now you can make a reservation at A Rebours and live in that glittering moment that the Great Gatsby should have been able to enjoy, if he could only have been a little less St. Paul and a little more ah...well, I don't want to say California here, and I don't want to say Monaco, exactly, but since A Rebours means, roughly, against the grain, perhaps what I mean to say is, a little less old St. Paul, and a little more A Rebours.

What city is more old-school DFL than Saint Paul? Indeed, in the review above, how can one not use Saint Paul itself as a metaphor for the traditional, joy-abnegating, paranoid, fear-choked radical left that...

...that is in control at the rest of the City Pages?

Good news, indeed. Enough to make you want to go out for a celebratory dinner.

Someplace less expensive, though. I'm a conservative.

Posted by Mitch at October 18, 2004 05:16 AM | TrackBack

Come on Mitch live a little. The fate of the free world is in the balance here. A step-up from Porky's may be necessary.
Some pizzas from Punch can be had for a song.
She/He left Cafe 128 off of the ten best restaurants in the city which makes the list somewhat suspect.

Posted by: paddy at October 18, 2004 12:32 PM