October 04, 2004

Swift on Schools

Tom Swift gives his blog's mission statement over at Pair o'Dice:

People have accused me of wanting to see the public system destroyed in favor of vouchers but they are wrong. The strength of our country lies in our well educated citizens. We don't export janitors to the third world, we import them and improve their lives. We export technology and intellectual properties that boggle the mind and improve the lives of people all over the globe.

But we simply cannot afford to continue to flush untold billions of dollars down the tubes to prop up a failing system. It's not that we can't spare the money, we have plenty of cash, but our kids can't spare the time that money buys the status quo. A kid who exits their public education without the ability to read, or solve the simplest of mathematic problems is doomed and dooms us all.

To call Tom Swift a Saint Paul GOP gadfly and a fly in the Saint Paul School Board's ointment is to call, say, Michael Jackson odd, or to call Captain Ed prolific; it's a gross understatement. Glad to see Swiftee's getting stoked up for another round.

Make sure you read his blog. After the election, the ride isn't going to get any less wild here in Saint Paul.

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