September 14, 2004


So the Northern Alliance - or at least King, Lileks, Trunk, Elder and I - sat in for Dennis Prager yesterday.

It started out to be a loooong day; technical problems downstream from Los Angeles kept us off the air the first hour; Salem's network control in Dallas played a "Best of Prager" until they fixed the problem.

What did we do? Well, since as usual we had four hours of show planned for three hours - we crammed all four hours into the two we had left. Scott "The Big Trunk" Johnson always gets a little hyperactive about booking guests for national shows - and they're all good, all the time. We had Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs, John Fund... short, tons and tons of stuff, for a two hour show. Lileks put it well:

The show went fast, as ever – radio time is not like any time you’ve ever experienced, and oddly elastic. When it’s going well it shoots by like caffeinated mercury on a griddle, and when you’re bombing the minutes actually come to a full stop, and you can hear the air brakes hiss to signal that time, and possibly your career, are no longer moving.
It wasn't a problem yesterday, of course; if anything, doing shows like Prager and Hewitt are easier than the local show, because they're so broken up; the phone banks are always full; you're never more than a few minutes way from the sanctuary of a stopset.

Anyway - it was two hours of breakneck, crazy fun. Thanks to Scott, James, Elder, King, Chumley, and everyone involved!

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