August 29, 2004

Nearly Perfect

It was a truly wonderful weekend.

Friday night, my son had a bunch of his friends sleep over. Everyone had a good time. More importantly, they went to bed at a reasonable hour, which is kind of a new thing for that bunch of boys.

Saturday - went to the MN State Fair. John Wilson of Crazy But Able - a local blog I was not aware of - was there, and posted some photos. The show was a blast. I have a deep, dark, dank secret; I've always loved doing live radio at events like this. I enjoy meeting the audience - where "enjoy" usually means "have a blast", and sometimes "am morbidly amused". The Patriot audience is usually more on the "blast" side of things. Interviewed Mike Nelson, which is always a hoot.

Saturday night - oy, such a time. James Lileks held a to-do at the fabled Jasperwood - a place which I have to confess he does not do justice in his writing. The attendees were a wildly, wonderfully mixed bag; Lileks and his legendary sidekicks the Giant Swede (truly giant) and the Crazy Ute Uke (truly delightfully crazy),">Hugh Hewitt and his majordomo the Generalissimo, Brian "Saint Paul" Ward, the Atomizer and the Elder from Fraters, Cap'n Ed, Scott Johnson of Powerline, Mike Nelson, King Banaian, Minnesota Orchestra principal trumpeter Manny Laureano, AM1280's Long Suffering Jay Larson, and hopefully nobody else - my memory conks out right about there. Great food, top-shelf liquor, cigars I don't mind tasting the next day, and about five hours of the best conversation I've had with a roomful of guys in recent memory.

Today - another decent broadcast from the fair, featuring Laura and Larry from MN Bush/Cheney, and Brian "Saint Paul" Ward doing what was probably half an hour of the funniest live radio I've heard since Tommy Mischke was still the "Phantom Caller", doing live play-by-play of a parade passing the AM1280 booth. Certainly one for our "Best Of" CD. Even the rain, which was threatening all day, held off until about a minute after the broadcast signed off.

Then some more cool stuff.

I haven't had this much fun on a weekend in years.

So back to reality tomorrow!

Posted by Mitch at August 29, 2004 09:31 PM | TrackBack

Hey Mitch, I second the move to declair this one of the best weekends for Minneosta bloggers and the Northern Alliance. I caught the last hour of Northern Alliance radio today on AM1280 live at the fair, and I it was so funny it was mind blowing. Brian "Saint Paul" Ward was a wild man, and the rest of the NA gang were...well, lets put it this The Patriot having any second thoughts about handing their mikes over to this frat house again next weekend? In any case, I plan on being there.

By the way, I stopped out at the Barnes and Nobel Saturday evening at the Mall of America and got a few pictures of Hugh Hewitt doing book signings. Here's my link to the post at -

Posted by: Dave Englund at August 29, 2004 10:14 PM

U of M marching band + comedy = great radio! You guys had me laughing out loud in my back yard yesterday afternoon. I spent 5 years in that band, and you probably just provided more positive publicity for them than they'll get this whole year (barring a Rose Bowl appearance or another "Perk at Play" bit).

Posted by: Steve Gigl at August 30, 2004 10:52 AM