September 07, 2004

"S" Is for "See? Almost got through the alphabet..."

Lots and lots of "S" blogs.

So get to it!

Schmaltz und Grieben - So many reasons I blogroll this; it's the most-improved blog I know of, anywhere in the blogosphere; Alois was reading me long before anyone else was; it's always a good read. They are, inexplicably, proud of being the only "backwards blog" out there (their stories start with the oldest and scroll down to the most recent); it's an innovation whose time has not yet come.

Scrappleface - Funnier than The Onion, consistently - and still, even through the satire, a better political analyst than 99.47% of the blogosphere. A treasure.

Sergeant Stryker - A great group milblog.

Shark Blog - Another of my "Sharp Guys With Good Political Blogs" blogs. And just as good as the others!

Sheila A-Stray's Redheaded Ramblings - Red is like a manic, female Lileks, only instead of expending energy on weekly changes in page layout or scanning matchbook covers, she just...writes. Any of her many obsessions will draw a weekday onslaught of dozens of long, exquisitely-detailed posts in an impossibly short time; Cary Grant, Lucy Maud Montgomery, her commonplace book, the letters between the Adamses - who knows what the new day will bring? She must go through three keyboards a year. Endlessly fascinating.

South Dakota Politics - One of the sharpest political blogs there is, anywhere. The big blog dog covering the biggest Senate race of the year, Daschle versus Thune.

Stephen Silver - Eclectic, funny, and - although he might rankle at the description - probably the best lefty blog I have read lately.

Steve Gigl - Another entry i the Sharp Guy with a Good Blog category. Steve is mostly local, though, which is even better.

Swing Voter Weblog - Formerly "Smart Genes", now "Swing Voter Weblog". Rick Heller is a terrific writer, a stated moderate (he's behind the "Centerfield" blog, which see) and was one of the first people to blogroll "Shot In The Dark".

Posted by Mitch at September 7, 2004 05:33 AM | TrackBack

Thanks, Mitch, I'm still blushing... gettin ups from THA MAN!

Posted by: Pete (Alois) at September 7, 2004 10:35 AM

"a manic female Lileks"?? I swear, that's about the best compliment I've ever had. Thanks!

Posted by: red at September 7, 2004 11:45 AM

Lefty- ha! Everyone who linked to me during the Iraq war called me "conservative blogger Steve Silver."

Thanks for the inclusion, and glad I could inspire this little project.

Posted by: Stephen Silver at September 8, 2004 12:05 AM