August 18, 2004

C is for "Crazy For These Blogs"

Lot's of "C"'s in the blogroll. I know; I wrote the entire piece for today.

And then it disappeared.

Boy, there are a lot of "C's" in my blogroll...

C y b e r :: E c o l o g y - A great new-cycle blog. I have a lot of great news-cycle bloggers on my blogroll - they all inspire me. CE is one of my favorites.

Cathy in the Wright - Cathy is the best domestic-goddess diaryblogger out there. Whenever I need to know that I"m not the only person flailing at the grind of domestic life and raising kids and the whole "parent" thing, Cathy's blog is where I go to get the wry grin I need before I let the kids out of the closet.

Centerfield - Most sorta-lefty bloggers try to work in some variation on "center" to their title. But Rick Heller is a darned fine writer.

Centrisity - I figure the more linkage I sent to my old pal and neighbor Anoka Flash, the more babysitting I can cadge from him...

cheleblog - Chele's blog always has one "news of the wierd" piece that I just plain need.

Chicago Boyz - Like being trappedin a room with a bunch of really smart poli sci grad students. Only the room is a really cool bar, and the poli sci grad students are not only not assholes, but really cool, even though they still clobber you at darts. A daily read.

Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog - Just what it says - a catalog of civilian self-defense cases. Essential for RKBA supporters.

Cold Fury - Mike Hendrix packs more articulate derision into a sentence than Atrios can muster in a page.

Cold Spring Shops - One of my three favorite edublogs; combines laconic, genteel criticism with great railroad lore - which is really a wonderful combination.

Common Sense and Wonder - It occurs to me that I have a lot of blogs that I can describe as "sharp, articulate, well-written newsblogs". CS'nW is one of them - I read them a couple times a week, and they never disappoint.

Cornfield Commentary - David Hogberg's blog is a inspiration - seeing that one can come from nowhere to become a prominent blog is a much-needed carrot somedays.

Critical Mass - Another favorite edublog, Erin is a wonderfully incisive critic and an incisively wonderful writer.

Tomorrow - the letter "D".

Posted by Mitch at August 18, 2004 05:28 AM | TrackBack

Great idea to have these descriptions of sites on your blogroll. Any chance you could eventually merge them together in a single file accessible from the home page?

As someone who used to write catalog copy, I know how hard it can be to differentiate one product from another. A brief description, of the kind you've been giving, can be better than a simple list, if done right.

Posted by: PolicyGuy at August 18, 2004 12:12 PM

Thank you, Mitch! I've had the quintessential parenting disaster day - you sure salvaged the evening for me. Thanks again.

Posted by: Cathy at August 23, 2004 09:38 PM