June 15, 2004

Media Discovers Blogs: Part MCCLXXII

Time Magazine writes about bloggers and blogging, and recognizes its top five "blogs to watch".

Those five are:

  1. Fark - A cool site, although the articles description, "[a] venue for posting the odd pictures and news items he liked to gather and send to friends in endless, annoying e-mails" is all-too-accurate.
  2. BoingBoing
  3. Instapundit - well, duh.
  4. Wonkette - a site that's gotten very tired.
  5. Rebecca Blood - Huh? Standard-issue mild-left blogger, worst design I've seen on a website lately, and not even an especially big player; the article notes Blood gets "about 30,000 visitors a month". Yowza - "Shot in the Dark" got 33,000 in May, and is on track for 36,000 in June. Time: Have your people call my people!
An interesting article, nonetheless.

Still - what kind of list was that?

The five blogs I find myself reading most often these days (besides obvious ones like my six Northern Alliance colleagues and Instapundit):

  1. Vox Popoli - Vox Day is an eclectic polymath (although, come to think of it, is there any other kind of polymath? Something about "monomaniacal polymath" just doesn't compute). Anyway - christian technogeek libertarian entrepreneur columnist. It's a fun blog.
  2. Belmont Club - The best strategy/politics blog out there; like reading Den Beste, only it takes about a third as long.
  3. Evangelical Outpost - Philosophy, pop culture, religion, social criticism, gratuitous erudition.
  4. Sheila's Redheaded Ramblings - She makes "maddening eclecticism" enjoyable. Everything from her Victor Klemperer's notes to Rasputin's equipment. When I say it's a "Guilty pleasure", it's only because as a good Scandinavian protestant, everything makes me feel guilty.
  5. Jay Reding - A news-cycle blogger with some great insights; think Captain Ed with better Libertarian cred.
So what's your hot list?

Posted by Mitch at June 15, 2004 05:30 AM

I didn't make your top five? *sniffle*

Posted by: Ryan at June 15, 2004 09:55 AM

As someone who normally loathes Time Magazine this article wasn't as bad as I expected. What with LA Times Editor John S. Carrol's public rant against the danger of "pseudo-journalism."

Posted by: Gideon at June 15, 2004 12:39 PM

1. This blog. (Looks like a shameless suck-up, I know, but it's still my fave...)

2. Little Green Footballs.

3. The Voodoo Lounge (

4. Aaron's Rantblog (

5. Sullivan, prior to the perpetual gay-marriage-hissy-fit; The Belmont Club now.

You're welcome ;-)

Posted by: Pete (Alois) at June 15, 2004 04:49 PM

1) Lileks

2) Velcrometer

3) VodkaPundit

4) Blackfive

5) Instapundit

Posted by: drizzle at June 15, 2004 10:50 PM

1. Lileks
2. Powerline
3. Lucianne (is that a blog?)
4. Shot in the Dark
5. Hugh Hewitt

Posted by: Colleen at June 16, 2004 07:18 PM