June 09, 2004

Oh, That Liberal Media

I'm watching CNN's coverage of the service for President Reagan at the Rotunda.

One of the commentators - the color man working with Wolf Blitzer, whose name escaped me - commented on Vice President Cheney's eulogic remark that Reagan won the Cold War: "This probably isn't the place to bring this up..." which point he brought it up; "some historians argue that".

Sure they did. No rational commentator ignored the contributions of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy or Johnson. Nixon, of course, invented detente for better or worse.

However, by the Carter Administration, we were headed the wrong way; the military was a disaster; our foreign policy was a shambles.

So while Reagan didn't win the Cold War singlehandedly, it remains a fact that Thatcher and the Pope could not have done the job themselves. Reagan needed to turn the ship of state around.

That, of course, would involve having some journalists with knowledge of history.

Posted by Mitch at June 9, 2004 07:25 PM

You see, by not turning over the keys to our nuclear stockpiles to that awful Mr. Brezhnev and running the other way in fright (despite numerous temptations to do so), these paragons contributed *just* as much as Reagan.

Some historians argue.

Posted by: Brian Jones at June 10, 2004 07:58 AM