October 13, 2003

Sorry, Kos 'n Jeff -

Sorry, Kos 'n Jeff - Liberals up and down the food chain - from the Daily Kos (whose obsessive poll-watching is a matter of looking at his website) to the pretty-good-guy Jeff Fecke - have been rendering themselves frenzied for weeks as the president's poll numbers have eroded from their euphoric, post-9/11 highs.

I always figured, "let 'em cheer - they gotta have something to feel good about".

According to Powerline, those days may be coming to an end; Bush's poll numbers may be levelling off and rebounding, as I predicted they would.

Hindrocket notes:

"I assume that by now just about everyone has absorbed the facts that people are still getting killed in Iraq, and we haven't yet found significant quantities of WMDs. So the President's stabilized ratings are a good sign. It seems likely that the next movement will be positive, as word spreads about the progress being made in Iraq and as ongoing signs of the economy's strengthening get more attention."
There was no way the President could have maintained the numbers he had a year ago. The fact that his numbers are still pretty universally above fifty percent, two years into the emergency, is itself pretty amazing.

The left seems to be holding on to one other semi-historical hope; the precedent set by the President's father, who fell from astronomical popularity in 1991 to defeat in 1992. But the economy isn't sliding into recession, as it did when the tanks stopped rolling in 1991 - indeed, things are picking up at a rate guaranteed to give Paul Krugman indigestion. The news is leaking out - the liberation of Iraq is going well, and outside the Sunni Triangle (where the major media rarely travel) it's going very well to all rational accounts. And we've gone 25 months since a major terrorist attack on the US.

Rumors of the President's political demise are - I'll be charitable - greatly overstated.

Posted by Mitch at October 13, 2003 07:10 AM