December 14, 2003

The Lunatic Fringe Sounds Off

The Lunatic Fringe Sounds Off - Left-wing hate site leads with this piece.

Note that they change their front page (sort of) daily. Being weasels, they don't archive any of their front pages. So for posterity's sake, I'm going to recreate their front page here:

All Hail Caesar! He Lied About Iraqi WMDs, Turned a $5 Trillion Surplus into a $5 Trillion Deficit, Lost 3 Million Jobs, Poisoned the Air, Heated the Planet, and Daydreamed Through 9-11. But Heck, He Got Saddam - the Man Who Had NOTHING To Do With 9-11!
You can bet that if when the Hussein/Al Quaeda connection, and the full story about WMDs, finally is told, these bilious, hate-drenched cowards will wiggle away from their statements faster than you can say "Yummy Yellowcakes".

So remember - you may not have seen it here first, but you'll be able to see it here when its creators will be wishing you couldn't...

Posted by Mitch at December 14, 2003 06:41 PM