I take occasional issue with my fellow AM1280 host Bradlee Dean on some questions political and theological, even as I support his program, “Sons of Liberty”.  “Sons…” does for politics what his late, long-running show on AM980 The Believer did for religion; take it back to its original fundamentals; going back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison on The Patriot more or less like referring to Luke and Saint Paul on The Believer. 

Neither program is/was for the faint of heart or the mushy of belief.  Like I said – I disagree with Dean on some things as strenuously as I agree with him on others.

But knowing Bradlee as I do – he’s a great guy, and I’ve had a lot of fun watching his kids grow up over the years during our mutual Saturday time slots – I got a kick out of Andy Birkey’s odd little swat at Dean in the Mindy yesterday (emphasis added):

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, the front group for the punk rock ministry of Bradlee Dean…

“Front group?”

Now, perhaps Birkey was writing imprecisely.  But a “Front” usually implies some level of deception – like the Mob using a laundry as a front for a drug operation, for example, or someone setting up a potemkin news organization to serve as a campaign propaganda outlet.  That kind of thing.

Just between you (pl) and me, whatever Bradlee Dean is, he’s not especially reticent about who he is or what he or “You Can Run…” represents.

Back to Birkey:

… took his brand of fundamentalist Christianity to a DFL gubernatorial meet-and-greet several weeks ago…

Several weeks ago?

Then why cover it on a “news” site? 

Did Birkey just hear about it?  Or was it a slow news day at the Mindy?

Or did John Marty need to place a story showing how he was duking it out with all those teabagging fundies to make his gubernatorial campaign seem like less a relic from the nineties?

There was some other stuff, but I lost interest.  Sorry.

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