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Conservatives and Republicans have observed – sometimes jokingly, often not – that Barack Obama shows every sign of becoming the next Jimmy Carter.

What would it take to complete the impression?

Why, stagflation, of course; the unholy union of price inflation (due to rampant spending and the crushing constriction of credit due to out-of-control federal deficits) and high unempoyment.

Is it baaaaack?:

The number of U.S. workers filing new applications for unemployment insurance unexpectedly surged last week, while producer prices increased sharply in January, raising potential hurdles for the economic recovery.

Unemployment up.  Economy stagnant.  Inflation ratcheting up.  Iran throwing its weight around.

I feel like I’m 16 again.

35 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. You forgot to add rising tax rates, government stimulus due to come into effect just as a modest recovery comes into effect igniting more inflation, and a president who consistently says we must downsize the American Dream and try to achieve less.

  2. “We can’t keep eating all we want, driving our big SUVs and keeping our homes at 72 degrees Summer and Winter. The world won’t put up with that.” – Barack Hussien Obama

  3. Kermit, I do find it troubling that an elitist who buys $100 a pound ham and ultra expensive beef, tells me I have to lower my standard of living.

  4. I’m waiting for Great Leader to give a national address wearing a sweater. The topic? Global Warming, and how it’s America’s fault.

  5. You know, Kermite, those “” things are called “quotation marks.” You’re only supposed to use them when you’re quoting something that someone has said.

    Angryclown calls bullshit on you. Again.

  6. SwifTea said: “I’m feeling a national malaise coming on.”

    That’s just a symptom of tertiary syphilis.

  7. Someone has forgotten that he has been officially shunned. Sorry, that would be “shunned”.

  8. Good job calling bullshit on Kermie, AC. He had it totally wrong. This is the quote:

    “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

    He’s got you dead to rights, Kermit. We appreciate your vigilance — heckuva a job, Clownie!

  9. Oops, looks like you also have the wrong version, Mr. Dumbass, edited to make it look like the president thinks we need the world’s permission before setting our thermostats. Here’s the quote. Next time, don’t be so stupid, OK?

    “We can’t drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times, whether we’re living in the desert or we’re living in the tundra and then just expect every other country is going to say OK, you know, you guys go ahead keep on using 25 percent of the world’s energy, even though you only account for 3 percent of the population, and we’ll be fine. Don’t worry about us. That’s not leadership.”

  10. we also produce 25% of the worlds GDP clownass, we are the most efficient society person for person in the world, for now. Lord knows Obama is trying to change THAT. Was that the “Change we can believe in”? Knocking down the US a few pegs to let everyone else catch up? I’m sure that will go over real well with the american public.

  11. Oops, looks like you also have the wrong version, Mr. Dumbass

    So I’ve misquoted him by quoting him and providing a cite, which is more than you did? Whatevs. And by the way, missing part doesn’t change the context of what Obama is arguing. But I give you credit — in the 3 or so years I’ve been reading your comments, this is the first time you’ve actually tried to add context instead of taking something out of context. That’s progress.

    On the bright side, pitchers and catchers report shortly, beginning the process that will deliver yet another 90+ loss season for the Mets. So you got that goin’ for ya.

  12. you guys go ahead keep on using 25 percent of the world’s energy, even though you only account for 3 percent of the population,

    Er, basically what Ben said, Clown. We use energy in proportion (or even a little lower than) our productivity. We are 6% of the people, use about 20% of the energy, and produce nearly a quarter of the Gross Planet Product. Our energy usage produces far more output per human than any other part of the world.

  13. Mr. D, your link is to AFP. Agence France Presse, the wire service owned by the government of – wait for it! – FRANCE.

    Angryclown farts in your general direction.

  14. Oh yeah, I can see how AssClown’s version of the quote completely exonerates peebo.

    pfffft. What a ‘tard.

    Don’t worry Mr. D; unless he pulls his head out of his ass (not likely), the Clown’s threat of precision flatus delivery is as toothless as his wife.

  15. Angryclown farts in your general direction.

    Defined as “anywhere west of the Hudson River.” The potency of this emission should dissipate by the time it reaches Scranton.

  16. Oooo, I like Cherry Picking:

    Core consumer price index fell 0.1% in January, the first drop since 1982
    Washington Post – Frank Ahrens – ‎Feb 19, 2010‎
    “Government data released Friday showed that a closely watched measure of inflation fell in January for the first time since 1982, …”

    Core inflation drops on falling housing costs – MarketWatch

    Interest Rates Dip After Tame Inflation Report – ABC News

    US inflation up 0.2 %, CPI falls 0.1% – The Money Times

    Stocks Climbed as Inflation and Interest Rate Fears Eased. Dow Leaders: PFE … TradersHuddle.com

    2/19/10 Midafternoon Report: Core inflation tame, good news for those who don … Motley Fool (blog)

    Inflation Falls The Most Since 1982 – istockAnalyst.com (press release)

    Oh wait, that isn;t cherry picking that is Google’s top 8 listing in ‘News’ when searching ‘Inflation’

    Mmmmm, pastrami on rye, again, you need to mix up your lunch a little bit more LOL

  17. Yikes, deflation, Flash! What are you doing giving the Chicken Little crowd something else to pee their pants about???

  18. GIve Flash a break. He’s just using the same line all the leftybloggers have been told to use.

  19. Flash in The Onion writes:
    “Mitch is now calling Google Search a part of ‘being told what to do’”

    Because if it’s on Google Search, it must be perfectly accurate!

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