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Most readers of this feature knew the truth in 2020 — Hunter Biden, the uber-prodigal son of the now Leader of the Free World, abandoned a laptop computer at a repair shop in Delaware. The laptop was filled to the brim with embarrassing and yes, incriminating evidence of financial malfeasance and videotaped debauchery. It was real and yes, it was spectacular. And the New York Post was on the case.

But you weren’t allowed to know any of it, and if you tried to tell anyone what you weren’t allowed to know, you were in for a banning:

Twitter went so far as to lock users out of their accounts if they shared this piece of journalism that was clearly in the public interest. It locked the Twitter accounts of the actual White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, and the New York Post itself. Here we had the spokesperson for the democratically elected president of the United States and the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in America being cast out of social media for the crime of sharing a story that was true. This was surely the most egregious, arrogant interference in democratic politics and press freedom carried out by corporate elites in recent times.

Recent times? I think the term we’re looking for here is ever. And as Brendan O’Neill discusses in the piece linked above, the implications are chilling:

This was a truly extraordinary moment in the political life of the United States of America. A free-thinking daily newspaper published a fascinating report on the emails and behaviour of the then vice-president’s son and it found itself shamed, blocked and defamed for doing so. Californian oligarchs, former members of the American deep state and virtually the entire opinion-forming set of the East Coast clubbed together to denounce the Post, ban it from Twitter, and rubbish its reporting as the handiwork of evil Ruskies. Yet some of them now admit the story was actually true, a fact that has been clear since at least December 2020, when federal authorities started investigating Hunter. What took place following the Post’s breaking of the laptop story was a terrifying assault on media freedom, the right to dissent and truth itself.

We are free, theoretically, to express our views. From the founding of the republic, we have been able to drag a soapbox to the public square and hold forth. Twitter isn’t the only public square available; in form and in fact, it’s an upholstered cesspool. But it is the realm where our betters and minders, coextensive as they are, disgorge the received wisdom of our age. And it’s where the game is played. And the game is rigged. Back to O’Neill:

But it was the elites’ brutal stomping on this story that should worry us more. It confirmed that the new woke elites will do whatever it takes to crush inconvenient facts, to bury stories and ideas and beliefs that pose a threat to their power or their interests. And it confirmed that Big Tech billionaires will happily engage in explicit political censorship to protect their allies and sponsors from scrutiny. If an established newspaper like the New York Post can be forcefully locked out of the 21st-century public square, just imagine what could be done to you or me if we ever happened upon some facts the elites would prefer to keep hidden.

There’s a chilling line in the 1939 French film La règle du jeu (The Rules of the Game). The character Octave (played by Jean Renoir, the film’s director) says:

You see, in this world, there is one awful thing, and that is that everyone has his reasons.

Those who control the game and the general discourse in the country have their reasons as well. The reason is power, nothing more and nothing less. If we are to play the game, we’d better understand that.

47 thoughts on “Rules Of The Game

  1. And the result of rigging the election?
    A humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, war in Europe, record gas prices, record inflation, empty grocery store shelves, record increases in house prices and rent.
    A nuclear Iran may be next, or outright nuclear war with Russia.
    All brought to you courtesy of the establishment.

  2. Recent polls indicate that thousands of voters that voted for racist Pedo Joe, would not have done so, had they heard the laptop story when it first came out. I’m thinking that thousands is actually hundreds of thousands.

  3. ^ Cranks do crazy things, like follow this laptop story. More BDS ….

    The Biden laptop story wasn’t “suppressed”, it just didn’t have much discernible factual basis. And that’s reason enough not to churn it around.

    I’m fairly certain that if there were anything on the laptop that directly implicated Joe Biden, we would have heard about it by now (probably via billboard in Times Square, and certainly on a certain “news” channel).

    The one thing that seems pretty certain is that Hunter Biden is being kept at a much, much greater distance from his father’s administration than was true for the last president and his offspring.

  4. ^Missing the point . . . again.
    This is why Emery’s comments are so often off base or contradictory. He simply cannot use reason to reach a conclusion.

  5. Mr. D, in honor of your lyrics quizzes, some Kansas…

    Play (Play)
    Play the game tonight
    Can you tell me if it’s wrong or right?
    Is it worth the time, is it worth the price?

  6. ^
    • How did the information published by the New York Post purportedly get from Hunter Biden to the paper?
    • Was that information legitimate?
    • Was the media’s skepticism about the chain of custody and the information warranted?
    • Was the social media blackout of the Post’s story warranted?

  7. Emery apparently believes that the MSM and Big Tech were sufficiently embarrassed by their failure to discern mis-information in the Trump-Russia collusion sham 4 years earlier, that they were rightly skeptical about being fooled again. If only!

    When Republicans are accused of something, it’s the seriousness of the allegation that demands coverage. When it’s Democrats, then the MSM & Big Tech will navel-gaze and give ta presumption of innocence to the accused.

    Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

  8. The full story isn’t clear. Is the story straightforward — computer repair shop guy Mac Isaac obtained a laptop, thought it might be relevant to national politics and then found only one taker, Rudy Giuliani, for the material? Was the material reportedly circulating in the same stuff circulating in Ukraine? Nonexistent? Obtained from an iCloud hack independently?

    It’s always easy to ask infinite questions when you’re skeptical, but that the answers to this aren’t known now reinforces the reasons for skepticism a year and a half ago.

    It’s just crazy right wing nut jobs like woolly. Guess what, horse dewormer doesn’t work against Covid-19 either. More stupid things the right believe. Doesn’t make it true.

  9. Seriously? Guiliani and Bannon mysteriously have Hunter Biden’s hard drive a few weeks before the election and you buy that? Giving 3 laptops to a blind guy in NJ and they somehow end up in Giuliani’s hands……

    You can’t make this up. Waiting for the movie.
    Cranks do crazy things, like follow this laptop story. I have more interest in Trump’s private conversation w/Putin during Helsinki summit vs Hunter’s laptop.

  10. Did someone say media manipulation? You’re being lied to and manipulated right now, and y’all are chugging it down.

    “Joe Rogan Points Out How Leftists Completely Flipped Their Narrative on Ukraine”

    I’m not a Rogan fan, I don’t trust anyone who wakes up baked, and 80IQ leftist nitwits are gonna nitwit, but if even a baked pugilist can see the obvious truth, what does it say about all those flag waving neo-con MAGAs?

    I’m telling you right here and now, Zelinsky is a corrupt asshole, and Russia has good reasons for chopping him off at the knees.

    You may not like the reasons, and they may not be in the best interest of the New World Order Pedo Joe has been selling, but they’re legit.

  11. Haven’t read the trolls comments yet, honest, I’m gonna try to predict what it says here in this thread.

    1. But Trump
    2. You are fighting for russia
    3. But all Trumps people
    4. squirrel

    Maybe I’ll wait a little longer to find out how accurate I was.

  12. Speaking of cranks and Swiftee shows up.

    Would any of this hold up in a court of law? The question of chain of custody would likely cause the whole case to be thrown out.The involvement of Giuliani, repeatedly, makes this into a suspect case. Only a person seeking to cause political damage would have involved Giuliani in trying to bring this to public attention.

    Bottom Line — no wonder even Trump’s DOJ left this alone. You can’t build a case out of this Gordian Knot of pseudo “facts.”

  13. ^ This is what happens when you don’t have a valid argument to work with.

    Say there Swiftee—I wasn’t aware anyone paid attention to Gateway Pundit.

  14. M moose nailed it.

    Remember when Democrats claimed George Bush flew an SR-71 Blackbird to Iran to negotiate the release of the hostages? Democrats insisted a full hearing was required, despite the lack of evidence, because the seriousness of the charges demanded it.

    Hunter who? Never heard of him.

  15. Looking at the obvious bias we see in ourselves and our journalists, it strikes me that our way out is to simply ask the obvious questions. If it’s Hunter’s laptop, the obvious questions include “did Hunter drop it off?” (unequivocally yes), “does it appear to show a lot of illegal activity?” (unequivocally yes), and regarding the “51 experts say it’s fake”, “did these experts get to review any of the evidence?” (unequivocally no).

    Since Swiftee seems to be acting on his new role as an agent of the Kremlin, the same kind of questions can be asked about the war in Ukraine. “Who is invading whose country?” for starters, followed by “Who is shelling nonmilitary targets like hospitals, apartments, and the like?” and “even if there are a few hundred Nazis in their army, does that justify invading the whole country and killing tens of thousands of innocents in the process?”

    Really, if one starts to work on what one obviously knows, ignores the “red herring” and other fallacies so many people indulge, and the like, you can get past a lot of bias on all sides of issues rather quickly. It’s a lot like seeing past the smoke kids will throw up when Mom & Dad tell them they can’t do what they want to do.

    And of course, Putin delenda est.

  16. Figure it out:
    The laptops were dropped off at Mac Isaac’s repair shop. Mac Isaac is legally blind and was not able to identify Hunter Biden by sight.
    Gosh, what an amazing coincidence. The only person who might be able to say Hunter was there this is blind, there is no evidence of travel to Boston, there are no video or security cameras placing him there, and the computers, all three no less, are never picked up, ready to be taken by anyone that appears.

    Ask yourself: what are the chances someone drove hundreds of miles to a blind PC repairman instead of their hometown, supposedly wanting “urgent repairs” when repairs are available at their location, and then never called, never returned to pick of the three laptops? And in addition, this isn’t shelved, but like magic, makes its way to the right wing press.

    And in addition, any plausible or legal secure chain of command is broken beyond any possible redemption, and known liars like Bannon “claims” to have the same laptops for months.

    This is all nonsense propaganda, lies, smear, and disinformation. This is no different than the wild, preposterous tales of pedophiles in a pizza parlor and Pizza-gate-Posobiec….

    This has all the earmarks of something such as from Veritas, the lies, smear group, and then fools fall for it, because they want to fall for it.

  17. Man, the little fella must’ve gotten a promotion or something. This is some pretty inspired trolling.

  18. Sorry, bot boy Emery, but the game is up for the corrupt, racist and perverted Biden family. No matter what BS your handlers are telling you to post, you’re the only one that’s stupid.

  19. Any person familiar with the behavior of Hunter Biden would not be surprised that he would leave laptops with incriminating evidence in the care of a stranger — and then forget about it.
    We are talking about a guy who in 2016 dropped off a rental car and left not only a used crack pipe and drugs in the vehicle, but also his wallet with several driver licences with his name on them, credit cards, etc., and never attempted to retrieve them.

  20. Arguing chain of custody is a waste of time. Are the emails genuine? Yes, they were confirmed by the recipients. Are the photos genuine? Yes, we’ve all seen them. The issue is not chain of custody, the issue is hiding the evidence of corruption until it’s too late.

    Yes but Hunter is not a government employee. So there can’t be any corruption or bribery. Right? No, E, that’s not how we do it these days. Doakes doesn’t hand the money directly to the Senator in exchange for a vote on the bill. Doakes hands the money to Senator’s foundation and the foundation employs the Senators son in a no show job, who kicks back 10% to the Senator, in exchange for a vote on the bill. There are more steps to hide the money laundering, but the corruption remains the same.

    And the laptop is the evidence. Which the media hid from the voters to help the corrupt politician get elected. Which you are now defending.

  21. As to who would drive a hundred miles to drop off a computer in the repair shop of a blind repairman instead of getting competent repair service at home? How about a drug-addled stoner who thought he was being clever?

  22. Nice take down at 1:24 Joe.

    What I love is that all lefties including out troll, were saying in Oct-Nov 2020 thatit was fake news, it was a Russian plant, and suspending blocking everyone who disagreed.

    Now its all like “nah brah, no big deal, doesn’t involve gropey joe, bad chain of custody, etc.

    I love lefty two-face.

  23. Emery, isn’t it remarkable that Biden’s pictures appear in that computer that aren’t linked to him in any way?

    Reality is that Biden gets around–infamously, for example, having a child in Arkansas, living in LA–and his businesses seem to span the globe. Unless he’s incredibly careful, a subpoena of his credit card records would probably verify that, yes, he’s been in Boston. Let’s not confuse “the check hasn’t been done or hasn’t been released” with the notion that Biden’s not been to Boston.

  24. I don’t ever intent to vote for Hunter Biden.

    Btw: isn’t there forensic data revealing the emails were created months after the laptop was dropped off at the repair shop?

    “The metadata on the PDF filed purporting to show Hunter’s emails published by the Post suggest they were created on a Mac laptop on September 29 and October 10, 2019, which raises questions about its authenticity as the files were created several months after Biden allegedly dropped off the laptop at the repair store in April.”

  25. Emery; if there is such forensic data, that escaped no less than the New York Times, which vouched for the laptop’s authenticity only a few days ago. Source?

  26. Please, PLEASE troll, make those the center pieces of your campaigns this fall.

    Repeat all those things, and don’t forget to add: teaching 6 year olds about transex, $8.00/gal gas, open borders, inflation, and Hunter. Please die on those hills, they are total winners. Don’t forget the Dem led lockdowns which hurt more than helped, and the sudden lifting of restrictions once the polling, eerrrrrrr, science, changed.

    And please run Hillary in 2024, she can’t lose.

  27. ^^ The PDF’s of the Biden Hunter emails were created months after the laptop was dropped off because that was the date the NY Post converted the emails into PDF’s.
    Emails are text information, not PDF’s.
    Do your research, troll.

  28. Instead of going straight to the cloned hard drive the NY Post published PDFs of the emails prepared (per metadata) by a third-party, Giuliani or someone else. What else you got woolly?

  29. Uh . . . the NY Times says: “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

    Your inability to properly conduct research no doubt contributes to your eccentric beliefs & poor record of prognostication. But most stupid people know that they really aren’t very bright. You have somehow convinced yourself that you are intelligent enough to weigh matters about which you know nothing, or which your understanding is faulty.
    An example is your belief that because the author of the Mueller report stated that if given infinite time and resources he could prove Trump guilty of “Russian collusion,” this meant that Trump was guilty, when of course it was an admission by the author that he had not, in fact, proven any such thing.

  30. “Who is invading whose country?” for starters, followed by “Who is shelling nonmilitary targets like hospitals, apartments, and the like?”

    I thought we were talking about Russia, but if you’d rather re-hash US involvement in Iraq back in 2013, I’m OK with that…or, hey; Afghanistan.. “Who dropped a bomb on a family of 10?”

    Also, I think it’s hilarious y’all are trying to use logical arguments against rAT’s interest in crack boy’s laptop.

  31. Woolly are you really gonna stick with this? “Appears to come from” — “[..a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden…]”

    Your inability to conduct research no doubt contributes to to your wild ass beliefs and poor record of providing evidence to back up your assertions.

  32. Emery, give it up. Email is sent as various variants of text files. The reason the Post had pdfs is that you can share them without some screwball changing the content without it being detectable. I’ve been sharing documents for years in that format for precisely that reason, and it doesn’t represent the original date of the original file at all.

    As the Gray Lady noted, the laptop and the files are real, and for some screwy reason, the FBI has been sitting on it for about two years, despite the fact that it illustrates some cozy “quid pro quo” arrangements of power brokers all around the world.

  33. Is Emery really trying to make the case that the laptop is not Hunter Biden’s, but the incriminating emails on it are legitimate?
    That’s like two standard deviations down the IQ scale thinking.
    I wonder why people would give Joe and Hunter Biden the benefit of a doubt.
    Basically I believe that every politician, Ds and Rs, would take bribes and peddle influence if they thought that they could get away with it. Wasn’t Mitt Romney’s kid involved in the same kind of shit as Hunter Biden? There’s a reason they call it the swamp; high level bureaucrats married to lobbyists and journalists, politicians’ kids going to work for law firms that represent companies that live off of government contracts, etc.

  34. Maybe Comrade Swiftee is onto something. Russia is now pushing a Hunter Biden is the man funding the Ukrainian biolabs disinformation campaign..

  35. Woolly— Er, .pdf’s of emails? That would be deliberate conversion of the original data wouldn’t it? That they didn’t just use the original files entitles them to an invitation to tampering.

  36. NOW you object to PDFs? NOW?

    Remember when the White House released a PDF which purported to be Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate and was proof he was eligible to serve as President, but which the White House later conceded had been altered using Photoshop?

    Remember all the Liberals objecting to PDFs instead of original source documents back then?

    Neither do I. Double standards, much?

  37. Ask the NY Times why they consider the emails authentic when an ignorant simpleton like yourself, with zero experience authenticating emails prior to publication, is smarter than they are.

  38. Again.. the NYT said: “they appear” to come from Biden’s laptop. They didn’t say they did forensic examination and found themto be “authentic” .

    The Hunter Biden laptop people are now telling us we can’t hold the activities of Clarence Thomas’ wife against him.

  39. I’m a little behind on the news cycle, E. Maybe you can help me understand why your comment linking Hunter and Justice Thomas’ wife makes sense?

    The complaint about Hunter’s laptop is that it is proof of money laundering reaching from the vice president to Ukraine to Hunter and back to the vice president. That’s official corruption and the voters need to know it.

    What exactly is the complaint with the Justice’s wife? Where’s the political corruption, and why does it matter if there are no voters?

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