Linguistic Hit List, Part III

I’m starting to find my power, here.   A few years ago, I demanded that “bloggy” and all derivatives thereunto appertaining be excised from the language.  I haven’t seen it much lately.  It is a sweet victory indeed, and I claim all credit. 

And while my recent demands for the extermination of “Internets”,”Truthy/truthiness”, “Dee di deeeee”, “Hel-looooo” and “It Is What It Is” are still developing, I feel it important to add to the hit list.
To “take (something) to the next level” is the next victim of my one-man linguistic purge. 
Don’t say it.  Don’t tolerate others saying it. 
Leave it alone.
That is all.

13 thoughts on “Linguistic Hit List, Part III

  1. Take away “takeaways” and I’m with you, brother. Also “space” to mean “industry,” e.g., working in the “refrigerator magnet space.” And “webinar.” And “Reach out” for “call on the phone.”

  2. My key takeawy from this post is to get together to roundtable and view the situation from ten-thousand feet which will take it to the next level by getting blogging with it in order to clarify our swin lanes and grow the business.

  3. That’s right AC. How’s the quality of the one you sleep in anyway? We like to take pride in our workmanship and user feedback is always appreciated.

  4. That Mitch would add “take it to the next level” to the hit list speaks volumes.

    Sorry, Mitch, couldn’t resist.

  5. Berg-snark. Sheesh, Turn off the italics, someone, it’s time to put this thread to bed.

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