The Inmates Are Running The Asylum. And The Schools.

Schools in Edina – once known as a good school district – are

Pictures of Normandale Elementary School in Edina show students eating their lunch outside with hats, coats and mittens on.

“Since the beginning of school, I learned that essentially if you brought a lunch from home, you were eating outside,” said Carissa Palm, the mother of a third-grader at the school.

The related article, from KSTP-TV, is too full of nauseatingly idiotic school administrator pullquotes, or, worse, “no comments”, to get through without yelling at the screen.

Government is the things we do together – stupidly and with the lowest common intellectual denominator in charge.

3 thoughts on “The Inmates Are Running The Asylum. And The Schools.

  1. So if your preferences (or your child’s), or your nutritional limitations (e.g. kosher, halal, etc..) require you to bring your own lunch, you get frostbite. I’m sure that’ll help learning!

    I just saw something from the state department of education announcing that mandatory masking was their “best practice” for reducing COVID. Apparently they’re unaware of the psychological and learning damage this has been shown to do, as well as of the reality that kids generally don’t tend to get COVID badly, don’t transmit it well, and the like.

    Not much printable I can say about this policy, to put it mildly.

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