There Are Many Ways To Destroy A Civil Society

Incenting people to snitch on each other over personal and business decisions is one of them.

“But wait, Mitch – the fact that you didn’t say anything against the Texas abortion law’s incentives for filing actions against abortion providers or customers speaks volumes“.

It sure does. I’m not necessarily wild about that part of the Texas law – although the decision to abort affects more than just the mother; in many cases, more than just the mother and child, as well.

But in this case? If you loved East Germany under the Stasi, you’ll love a second Biden term.

9 thoughts on “There Are Many Ways To Destroy A Civil Society

  1. The Irish Republican Army had a unique and very effective way to deal with snitches and deter others.

  2. Biden and ALL of the Dems accused Trump of being devisive.
    Biden takes office and within a few months legally divides Americans into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

  3. I’m betting that Emery and his alter egos get into the office early to catch the left’s perceived scofflaws and turn them in.

  4. NW, I’d argue it would be (sigh) a fourth. Right now is Comrade Obama’s third term.

    I’m holding out hope that the investigations of the weaponization of the FBI, IRS, and State Department eventually lead back to the big fish, and that Barack will follow the historic pattern of Illinois governors. A term or two in office, followed by one in jail.

  5. BB: That would require a Republican majority in the senate and house, and a Republican president who, like Trump, is not a politician, owes nothing to no one and has titanium balls. There’s a good chance of the first two happening next year, but right now there is no one out there of any political stature who could do what Trump did. MAYBE DeSantis, but he’s been in politics for 9 years. While he seems like a good guy with a backbone, that’s enough time to acquire some blackmail-able skeletons in his closet.

  6. If there is reason for hope, it is not the GOP that can save us from a totalitarian federal government, it is the states.
    For all the talk of “democracy,” the federal government is the level of government least susceptible to democratic reform.

  7. And the 5th ciruit upholds it stay of Biden’s vaxx mandate. I make no prediction what the ultimate fate of the mandate will be, but we have seen, once again, Biden creating a crisis he cannot resolve.
    We saw this in Afghanistan, then the border, and now the vax mandate.
    Look for Biden’s poll numbers to further decline.

  8. I remember when the Trump administration would sell it’s successes as “the best, maybe ever” and I thought it was funny.

    I think it’s a lot less funny when the Brandon administration tries to sell it’s many, obvious, abject failures as successes. At failure they are “the best, maybe ever”.

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