What If He’s Right?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Let’s Go Brandon is having a terrible first-year-in-office: virus rampaging, economy collapsing, domestic terrorist parenting, shortages looming. He claims he’s the victim of bad luck: he inherited all these problems from the Trump administration. What if Brandon is right?

The problem of backed-up container ships is blamed on everything from California environmental regulations (only special low-emission trucks allowed in the port) to sloth (laid-off employees staying home on unemployment instead of returning to work). None of those causes sprang into being during the Brandon Administration.

Lies about the Covid virus created widespread public fear which gave Democrats an excuse to change election procedures to ‘fortify’ the election. Fear of the Covid virus gave Democrat politicians an excuse to place their entire states under house arrest, ban religious worship, prohibit political assembly. Customers’ fear of the Covid virus gives employers motivation to impose employee vaccination mandates, mask requirements, and social-distance rules. The Covid virus panic did not begin during the Brandon Administration.

Parents standing up for their children has been going on for decades. The trans-gender movement and Critical Race Theory gave it a big push. The father yelling at the school board for covering up his daughter being raped in the Girls Bathroom by a young man wearing a skirt got all parents branded as domestic terrorists subject to investigation by the FBI. But the trans-movement and CRT didn’t start under the Brandon Administration.

President Trump may have been the most conservative President since Andrew Jackson, better than Ronald Reagan, but even Ronaldus Magnus had to choose his battles. The problems facing the nation today may have begun under earlier administrations and festered under Trump as he fought with Russia, China and Congress only to explode under Brandon. He might be right about that.

But it doesn’t excuse him. Hold-over problems and surprises happen all to everyone (9/11 happened nine months into Junior Bush’s term). Nobody forced Brandon to leave behind Americans in the retreat from Afghanistan. Nobody forced him to decimate the workforce through vaccine mandates. Nobody forced Brandon to embrace stagflation as economic policy. Nobody forced him to leave the borders open. The Brandon Administration could deal with angry parents by telling the Attorney General to sit down and shut up, by telling local school boards to remember who they serve. Brandon could deal with a labor shortage by demanding Congress make working more profitable than couch-surfing. Brandon could deal with the ship backlog by telling Mother Pete to find a solution or find a new job.

Or he could have another pudding cup and take a nap. Brandon inherited all these problems, they’re not his fault, why not let Kamala deal with them in her First Term?

Joe Doakes


Unless “not dealing with the problems“ is, actually, the agenda…

3 thoughts on “What If He’s Right?

  1. Dang, Mitch. And here I was going to ask, as per the first sentence, if President Let’s Go Brandon isn’t actually having a totally successful first-year-in-office? Implementing The Agenda.

  2. I don’t know, JD. Brandon is having a terrific first year by ALL accounts. He is accomplishing EVERYTHING he wants. Everything HE and his progressive cabal wants. He is on the way to destroying the USA as we know it in record time. And by all accounts it will be much, MUCH better, just ask the MSM! No, Brandon is even more successful than 0bumbler, JD. You are wrong, JD, very wrong.

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