Told You So, Part MLVI

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

“If you ban guns,” we said, “criminals will simply use another tool.  It’s a basic principle of economics of scarcity,” we said. “People find substitutes for items they can’t buy.”

“No,” we were told by all The Smart People.  “It’s guns.  Guns are the problem.  Ban guns, problem solved.”

A member of Parliament was just murdered but fortunately, he was not shot.  Britain has banned guns.  The MP was stabbed to death.  There’s already a movement in Britain to ban knives.

And now this.  Five dead qualifies as a “mass shooting.”  I’ll bet you a brand-new nickel The Smart People will call for bow bans and one-per-month purchase limits on arrows.  Really, how many arrows does one person need? [sarcasm tag off]

Oops, too late.  Australia’s already on it.

Joe Doakes

In 20 years, I predict a movement to ban cinder blocks and curbs.

1 thought on “Told You So, Part MLVI

  1. In 20 years there will be no need – you will be living in a mud hut and there will be no curbs because there will be no cars and no utilities. And you will LOVE it!

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