Turns out the man charged with murder in last weekend’s west end Saint Paul shoot out had never, ever committed a crime of any sort.

No, that’s a lie. I couldn’t resist.He had a rap sheet longer than John Thompson’s list of social offenses, and at least as long a list of judges who kept letting him skate:

The man charged with murder and attempted murder in the St. Paul bar shooting last weekend has a long criminal history, and court records show 33-year-old Terry Brown should never have had a gun.

It appears that at every turn Brown was given breaks by the system, breaks that allowed him to be free to go into the Seventh Street Truck bar Saturday night.

In 2018, Brown was charged with a felony for violating a no-contact order in a domestic case. He had a long record, with felonies including a 2016 conviction for violating the same no-contact order. In the 2018 case, he twice missed court dates and warrants were issued

If the system had done what it was supposed to do with convicted felons, Brown would have been in jail last Saturday night.

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  1. I demand that BLM start harassing and doxxing the feckless judges that release these low life scum, allowing them to murder black people in the streets. Oh. Wait. Never mind.

  2. Even Minnesota is a democracy, right?
    People get the government they deserve.
    The metro-dominated DFL has made it quite clear that being soft on crime is at the center of their agenda.

  3. “Daddy, why did God create the Aleutian Islands?”

    “Why do you ask?”

    “Because they are cold, rainy, in the middle of nowhere and nobody wants to live there.”

    “Read the newspaper, son.”


    “Think an Aleutian island a helicopter, a pallet of beans and a twice convicted felon.”

  4. Close Greg, too close. Think a little farther away. Think “outsourcing.”

    The Russians built an extensive network of prison camps all over Siberia. They have the manpower and infrastructure in place. They work cheap.

    We should send our supermax problems to them. When the felon’s sentence is up, release him outside the wire and tell him, “Congratulations, you’re a free man. The United States is two time zones away in that direction. Oh, and watch out for the wolves.”

  5. In case you were curious, Mpls and StP does not count Criminal Vehicular Homicide in the Homicide stats. Two at least in the last couple weeks. This most recent one on W Broadway and I assume that lady on the scooter by Target Center at the end of the running gun battle between two cars. Not counted.

  6. The Downside of Outsourcing.

    “Hi Vlad, this is Amanda Dayton-Klobuchar-Smith from the Minnesota Department of Corrections.”

    “Yeah, whaddya want?”

    “Regarding this invoice… dated May 16, 2029.”


    “You listed prisoner MN001576C.”


    “He just showed up in Del Rio, Texas.”


    “Well, we would like a credit for the time he went missing from your facility in Kamchatka.”

    “You want his boyfriend too?’

    “I don’t understand.”

    “Look sugar, you keep the money flowing or we give you another Mariel boatlift.”

    “What is that?”

    “Look it up…….click

  7. Not thinking out of the box guys – if we are to eventually to monetize the moon and mars we need a large disposable labor force – think First Fleet, the Utilitarian policies of Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney, and The Transportation Act of 1717. We could name these new penal colonies Botany Bay Luna and Botany Bay Mars. We put the transports to work building the infrastructure necessary to support and maintain life in these locales. If they die “well shucks let that be a lesson to the rest of you”.

  8. That’s very true, MP, and it is something to be addressed, but CrimeWatchMpls documents every single day the very judges and the role they play in letting people off with little or no punishment. If judges wanted to, leftist prosecutors would not get away with their shenanigans.

  9. “It’s always interesting when “law and order” does and doesn’t apply and to whom.” — You know who said it.

  10. JD
    not to worry, the estimable Dr Fauci has solved that problem for us with Gain-of-Function bat flu that specifically targets a particular cohort and cannot be permanently eliminated because of the non-human reservoir(yes rats and bats will find their way off world)! Dr Fauci’s Solution would be particularly devastating in a closed ventilation system.

  11. It looks like his 2016 conviction and 2018 arrest (and missed court dates and warrants issued that year) were for his earlier domestic abuse of a former wife/girlfriend. Question that comes to mind here is whether she was at the bar that night, or might often be found there.

  12. Minnesota has a surplus of criminals of color! Isn’t that a good thing?

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