Well, That’s A Big Slip-up!

Philippe Cunningham, Minneapolis’s first transgender black city Council woman, says that even though she has spoken, and voted for, defunding the police, she doesn’t actually support defunding the police.

Or… Something like that?

Phillipe Cunningham is the first black, gay, female-to-male transgender person to become a council member in the city. Last year, Cunningham appeared alongside eight other council members at a protest in Powderhorn Park. The centerpiece of this demonstration was a stage that prominently featured the words “DEFUND POLICE” in bold, all capital letters.

Although Cunningham voted late last year to remove $8 million of funding from the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), she said she doesn’t actually want to defund the police and was “deceived” into standing on the defund police stage.

Apparently Cunningham was dealing with a pretty incredible con man (con person?), who deceived her into saying an awful lot of things that she never really believed:

“It is possible for us to keep our own community safe,” Cunningham said. “In north Minneapolis as the buildings were being broken and burned by white supremacists and extremists, MPD was nowhere to be found … so we had to come together ourselves in order to protect our community.”

Cunningham also praised the people “who threw the first bricks at police officers at Stonewall,” calling on the crowd to “honor our elders.”

Apparently the ne’er-do-wells have moved on from the “Nigerian prince“ scam, and done it in a big way.

Be careful out there.

13 thoughts on “Well, That’s A Big Slip-up!

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I heard from a reliable source (Facebook) that the Minneapolis City Council declared yesterday as “Mastodon Day” in remembrance of all the true “natives” of the Americas that the “indigenous” people massacred.

    Finally, justice has been done.

    But that raises a troubling question: should the FBI investigate anyone beating tom-toms on Mastodon Day?

  2. I don’t want to defund the police. I want to change who does the policing. Peace officers licensed by the state? That’s so Andy Griffith. That’s not what “police” means nowadays.

    Nowadays, “police” are people who respond to troubling situations bringing attitudes of helpfulness and caring. They could be sworn law enforcement officers licensed to carry firearms and having powers of arrest, but only as a last resort, only after the counsellors, mediators, interventionists, and drum circle dancers wearing giant paper mache heads have failed to produce a group hug. Or if the perp is White. You know: desperate situations where gunplay is necessary.

    That’s what I meant by ‘defund the police.’ I meant ‘give the money to my friends.’

  3. I’m too lazy (it’s too early) to look it up, but I thought I read something about a black Republican running for that seat. Perhaps Little Miss Greedy has heard some rumblings in the bushes, a little anger perhaps about how Every Effing Night is a rapper’s delight. Maybe Philippe is facing a real candidate with a real chance.

  4. “I was tricked into defunding the police” reminds me, in terms of believeability, of Charles Barkley’s claim in the early 1990s that he was misquoted….in his autobiography.

  5. So, wait. There’s 2 trannies on the council? And 1 is ghey? How does that work? lol…

    What about some trans species representation? They need a furry on there.

  6. she said she doesn’t actually want to defund the police and was “deceived” into standing on the defund police stage.

    Sounds like Cunningham just admitted to be too naive to be in charge of anything more important than dog catcher.

  7. Lol, “white supremacists”. Minnesota must be the only place on earth with black white supremacists.

    MP, now the Hill (just a left wing rag now) is blaming Trump for erosion in trust of democracy.

  8. Kinlaw, don’t forget Larry Elder–California has them, too. Really ,any place with black conservatives has, in the minds (?) of the far left, “black white supremacists.”

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