Peak Minnesota

During the Twin Cities marathon yesterday, former Viking and former Minnesota supreme court justice Allen Page…

Photo courtesy John Welbes (@jwelbes on Twitter)

…cheering on the runners by playing the sousaphone.

Got to say, Page is looking pretty good for a 76-year-old guy, especially for a former NFL lineman from back in the “concussion? We don’t care about no stinking concussion“ stage of the game.

9 thoughts on “Peak Minnesota

  1. Had the privilege once upon a time of attending a social event at his home. We have mutual friends in the running community. He has an interesting collection of “yard jockeys .” I’m not sure I agree with the wisdom of maintaining a museum that stokes racial animosity. Is it insurance against the Daughters of the Confederacy bringing back slavery? Just my opinion.

  2. golfdoc;
    I’ve seen pictures of the inside of rooms in his home and heard interviews that he and his late wife conducted. Although it’s a weird collection, they collected these items to highlight racial issues going back to the slavery days. Kind of one of those “never forget” types of collections.

    On a personal note, my mom was a teller at the old First Bank branch at Southdale when it was inside the mall. Alan Page was a customer at that branch and my mom said the was always nice to her and the other tellers.

  3. Boss I agree with you about the purpose of the collection. It seems to me that it’s possibly time to start letting go, moving on, that sort of thing. Yes, he is indeed a complete gentleman. But here’s a question: when does remembering injustice become an excuse for a community failing to expel or censure criminal elements, holding people accountable for achieving minimum standards in education rather than blaming it all on white racism?

  4. Pinky isn’t usually used for brass instruments.

    He looks good for a man of his age, but I sure wish he’d stop trying to “help” our educational systems. He’s pushing, along with the Minneapolis Fed, a bill that would make a “quality public education” a right–and then anyone who didn’t feel he got a good education would be able to sue his school.

    Not a huge deal if you can sock the taxpayer with the legal fees. It’s monstrous, however, for private, parochial, and home schools–could put them out of existence–and with that, there would be no easy comparison for the public schools.

  5. Every so often, the censor just flat out refuses to post a comment…no moderation; it just disappears.

    Going to try a test.

    I bought a cast iron pull-toy at the estate sale of a Norwegian century farm in Minnesota about 20 years ago. It was a “pick-a-ninny” riding an alligator that was sitting on a log, and holding a piece of watermelon, and dated from the early 30’s. I’ve never seen one exactly like it, although I’ve seen one that was pretty close. (They also auctioned off their great grandmothers immigrant trunk…couldn’t believe it)

    I paid around $150 for it, and as part of my continuing sell off, I sold it recently for $1250.. Maybe I should have contacted Page to get a better price.

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